Pence-Harris VP Debate Expectations

Pence is a good debater.


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  1. Pence could just wear a Tulsi Gabbard mask the whole debate and Harris will stutter and shake the whole time as well as have a case of PTSD flashbacks.

  2. I still say the left should be hoping Trump pulls through.
    If the left had to deal with Pence as the main candidate, most independents and on the fence Republicans for him on top of the Trump supporters

  3. Yeah, it should be good! Pence is the sort to prepare well–and he has a certain…demeanor, maybe, "erudite", would be an apt description, which should be advantageous in a debate scenario. It'll be interesting to see where he takes it–Harris is a potential AMMO DUMP! hahaha

  4. Pence is better at Trump in keeping his cool a bit more, I say this a person who although doesn’t mind Pence wouldn’t want him in 2024, therefore I reckon he’ll win this debate. Not that it matters Dan Quayle got utterly trounced in the 1988 debate with him and Lloyd Bentsen yet HW won by a landslide against Dukakis.

  5. The Rioters will have the full support of President Harris. Because, ANTIFA and BLM are the Brown Shirts of the Fascist wing of the Democrat Party!!

  6. What you forgot is Trump had to debate against Chris Wallace as well as Biden. In the next debate, Pence might be forced into a harder position because of the alleged moderator.

  7. I doubt that even she would have any say. Her (their) Overlords will be calling the shots because what they create they can also destroy. They being Soros and CO. with a smattering of Obama. I just hope she goes up there and cackles her head off. Back her into a corner and she instantly turns into a hyena, guaranteed.

  8. America is such a bastion for white supremacy and male chauvinism that Kamala Harris will soon be challenging the incumbent VP on a national debate stage.

    so rac-ogynist.

  9. The most fubar election ever. Dems making up new rules. No good candidates to start with.
    Pence seems so levelheaded and squeaky clean. Will be the sane one. Can see Kamelho lose her mind. My guess. Pence will probably debate the joke of a moderator too.

  10. They definitely shouldn’t allow Harris or any Dems into the White House. Just as none should have a security clearance. They are all enemies of the nation.

  11. If they attack Trump for catching Sars-Cov-2 i.e. he's stupid, then it follows that the 200,000 dead (underestimate) were just as stupid. When they do try to attack Trump for being infected, the GOP should put this to them…

  12. The last VP debate was seen as pretty important because lots of people didn't like either candidate, so it was thought it could help tip the scales of some undecided voters. Now we have a VP running for president, which is being talked about everywhere except probably at the debate stage.