Penn State pressured into deleting tweet saying viewpoints of conservative students are important.

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Written by Karlyn Borysenko

The focus of my life since 2012 was to bring sanity back to the work environment, because I believe we spend so much time at work that we shouldn’t be miserable. I have an MBA and a PhD in psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. I have my own practice - Zen Workplace - where I integrate organizational psychology and positive psychology with mindfulness techniques to help make work better. I’m also the Chief Science Officer of RallyBright, where I work to build high-performing, resilient teams.But that’s not how most people know me. Most people know me as a (now former) Democrat of 20 years who went to a Trump rally. The article I wrote about my experience went viral and garnered 3 million views in the first week. I was featured by Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, and on dozens of radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube videos.


  1. How is it that every single college University is run by leftists? How do they control all of Academia, nearly the entire Media, Hollywood (culture) and even Big tech yet statistically are outnumbered by conservatives in the country? Have conservatives been asleep at the wheel? We better wake up if we want to continue to live in the country we all love, because the left hate everything about it.

  2. I live in State College…I completed my doctors at PSU…I have not then, nor do now, see this 'alleged' racism they keep blabbing about. Our lab had representatives from all continents and all colors, no body cared. Everyone helped everyone else. We have black people in political and university positions, and no one cares. I cannot figure out WTF these people are saying. For the love!

  3. If I went to college today, I’d sure be bullied, beaten or worse. Twenty years ago, I was able to proudly wear my ‘vote Republican’ button in NY and DC.

  4. We need someone to catalog on a website every business, corporation and institution that doesn't support free speech. And then we need to spend the rest of our lives destroying them by all legal methods.

  5. Those dumbass students do not deserve to be engineering majors. They deserve to be feminist dance theory or gender studies majors. No, they definitely got in by affirmative action in some way.

  6. When you start denying human rights to people based on their political viewpoints, it's only a matter of time, you won't be able to find a house, or a job, you'll be homeless, people's political options should be treated as such, opinions.

  7. Wow…
    I just turned down full tuition at the law school there to attend a different school because I felt the surrounding area and culture might be a better match for my values.
    I truly appreciate the offer but it Looks like I may have dodged a bullet.

    Thanks for posting.

  8. I agree with the quote from Cassandra Nunez. Conservative views are not in any way equal to socialist ones. Presenting them in that way does us a disservice.

  9. DO NOT USE LATIN"X"!!!! The only people that use that word is white progressive Americans. It is not used in Latin America countries. It sounds like you are calling them a tissue. Some thing you use and throw away.

  10. You already know why this Tweet is "problematic," of course: it dares to suggest that conservative viewpoints shouldn't be discarded out of hand, as if conservatives were – or ever could be – anything other than 100% monsters.
    Separately, I find it extremely alarming that people studying to be engineers are so obviously not being taught anything about critical thinking, or observing the real world.

  11. They have no empathy… They have sympathy for the people they pretend to care about, and antipathy for the people they are trying to destroy.

  12. 7:10 not that there's something wrong, necessarily. i drank my first legal beer in the Atherton Hotel, race or origin was never an issue. we just wanted to have fun. acceptance of others based on race is a new phenomena brought about by social media

  13. The root of our problems? Academia. Hey kids, know hat happened to some professors in China during the cultural revolution? Students hung some professors on meat hooks and ate them. Are you going to let China's kids outdo you?

  14. What's really going on is that all these grievance groups are political movements first and all the same movement. Their entire purpose is to open lines of attack against their perceived opponents on the Right. They would all eject a member of the aggrieved group in a heartbeat if that member had different political perspectives.

  15. Public universities should have no ability to be political activists in any way, shape, or form. And none of them, public or private, should be permitted in this country to endorse or spread the message of domestic terrorists.