Pennsylvania Election Result Certification Takes Another Wild Turn

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  1. The county in Michigan that found a 6,000 ballot discrepancy only has a population of 27,000, Wayne County which Detroit and other large cities are in has a population of 1,750,000, if the same percentage was found in Wayne county it would be hundreds of thousands of ballots for President Trump.

  2. The hammer/Scorecard narrative is the same kind of magic trick the MSM plays, watch this hand, while the other hand is doing things under the table. Trump was involved in professional wrestling, he knows the game, and he's better at it.

  3. Do these cowardly republicans think we’re going to support them going forward? Telling us to accept all this voter fraud without fighting shows their true colors. If you aren’t willing to fight for us why would we bother coming out for you in the future. Next time maybe we’ll just stay home!

  4. Why did you make this video. You could have left it to Andrew Klavan . It's obvious you don't use Gateway Pundit as a source. If the amount of fraud we have seen isn't enough to prevent certification, well there is no such thing as fraud.

  5. Sidney has exposed the ?? involvement via Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, Geoffrey Pattie, Richard Dearlove, Arvinder Sambai, Soros, Romney, etal and this has been a 4 year attempted coup to overthrow our duly elected president. this has been known since 2018. Love your commentary but you're wrong on Powell. She's also a citizen military attorney, Tribunals coming. Hangings to follow. ?? & ?? Pilgrims Society going down (globalist cabal)

  6. You know I love you right? Ive watched for over 3 year but baby PLEASE shave off the 70's porno stash lol,go full clean shaven it makes you a very pretty man, unless that is if Liz likes the the French tickler,if so do what makes her happy ^-^

    The evidence for the dominion voter fraud scheme are the 1 or 2 whistle blowers from dominion themselves,if Sydney isn't lying and she has an actusl whistleblower she needs them to go under oath in a hearing, I do truly believe the dominion voter machines were rigged,I do not however believe they flipped 7 million votee,more like a million or so,they would have only wanted to flip enough to make it look real,the leftists in the swing states I would think wouldn't be dumb enough to flip 7 Million votes like Sydney Powell

  7. Maybe I'm missing something here, but Giulliani is on tape during live hearings, yestserday I believe, arguing about the 600,000 spike in Biden votes in 90 minutes in PA?! That's not just legalize arguments, that's a fraud argument. On the video of it the crowd laughed when he told them about the wild number disparity of votes in that short span of time. It was like 580,000+ Biden to 3,000 or so for Trump.

  8. If Democrats see no evidence of widespread fraud, I have to ask what their criteria for widespread fraud is? What counts as evidence? They have to make a claim grander than the evidence that already exists, or they admit that evidence or fraud is not important to them. They just want to win and gloat, without realizing that 5 minutes later their whole world will fall apart around them.