Pennsylvania Elections Audit

Pennsylvania Elections Audit

Written by WTAJ News


  1. The problem is that elections should not change every time. Pennsylvania broke their own laws last election as well as many other states. How come that's not being audited as well about the legality?

  2. If Democrats at all these state governments are confident in their election processes, why are Democrats on Capitol Hill trying to pass HR 1? Won't some of these election officials be out of a job if HR 1 passes?

  3. Every single vote that came in after 8pm per the Pennsylvania constitution should be void.

    Only a leftist judge ruled a year prior (like the DNC was setting up election rigging a year prior) to allow votes, which is unconstitutional, as only the legislative body who people elect have the authority to change election laws.

  4. The "community" is questioning the process because the Rep. loudmouths like Trump and Perry, continue to spout lies and distortion feeding the uncertainty. They have not 1 shred of legal evidence to back up their claims, yet they continue to feed the fire and weaken the Republic with their groundless accusations. Over 60 court cases ruled against their transparent attempts but that doesn't satisfy the deranged followers of der Fuhrer who continue to repeat the lies. This is a real and present danger which will end badly if it is allowed to continue. All this just to mollify the Turd.

  5. That sucks bullcrap because Trump was up by 70000 votes by 10 p.m. they shut down the machines at 10 p.m. and by 2 a.m. Joe Biden was winning because they trucked in a bunch of mail invalid with Joe Biden's name on them and the Democratic party was behind it they interfere with our elections

  6. Is why we need to get rid of these career politicians especially in Pennsylvania I used to think Philadelphia was the most corrupt city but now I think our state politicians are in the same category

  7. American want the results to be accurate and without any chance of fraud. That's not what your state delivered. From what I witnessed, your Attorney Generals desk is overflowing with eyewitness testimony, camera footage, and more that probably wont see the light of day until 2032 or latter. Once again, my opinion doesn't matter.