Pentagon CAUGHT Running MASSIVE Psyop Bot Farm | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal provides details about the Pentagon’s massive online psyop campaign uncovered by social media companies and tech researchers

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  1. This is the same propaganda scheme from the Iraq war. If anyone questioned the morality of the war, some media talking head would insert themselves with pseudo criticism and pretend to second the first notion only to then lay out another notion, "are we fighting the war competently". That way no matter what channel you were watching, the last think you would hear would be "are we fighting the war competently". Most citizens being simple creatures would then leave every viewing with the question "should we be doing more for our military?". Even as a teenager I could see though this nonsense. Get a new playbook. These are very stale manipulation tactics.

  2. The only difference is RUSSIA is not going around raping other countries of resources and killing their people ..Ukraine (USSR) phark all to do with the war mongering yanks you cannot use that ..and the sooner the DPR & LPR plus Crimea join the RUSSIAN FEDERATION (LIBERATORS) having had murdered 14 k of Russian Ukrainians since 2014 and PUTIN coming in to stop the GENOCIDE of ethnic Russians

  3. How to tell that you are not talking to a human online, but a mind-control propaganda bot:

    "They" try to shame you into censoring yourself.
    They offer canned evasive "responses".
    When you respond to them in detail, they do not respond back on point. The conversation is always one inch "deep".

    …if "they" cannot get you to censor yourself, they give up.

  4. Jeez, I ve seen that fake story of Iranians harvesting the organs of Sunni Afghanis on arabic speaking social media! That led to fuel anti shiaa rhetoric and violence against them especially the Shiaa community in Banian😳 pretty sure that at least hundreds will lose their lives over this one !

  5. Since probably the fall of the British Empire (and they were wicked), the US has been hands down the nastiest, dirtiest overt/covert player on the world stage. This comes as no surprise.

  6. Watching this on YouTube: It seems that the video/audio is being played a bit sped up, as in not in real-time, rather hyper speed. I wonder if it is a subtle attempt to create disinterest.

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