Pentagon caught using UFO’s and Space Force in stunning military move | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Are aliens the new enemy? The Space Force wants you to think so. They say that the threat is increasing “exponentially.” So, should we be scared now or just scared of more taxation to support this increasing military “threat”?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. I believe these UFOs are all manmade. The Alien invasion narrative and visuals on media is gonna be used towards the end goal. Imagine how the hypnotized sheep will see, believe and freak out. Please save me Klaus and we will be happy to submit in return.

  2. Is a man made UFO and definitely don't an extraterrestrial device is logical i see someone who do the same device with a cobra engine scooter and him just simple flying. For these who think alien attacking us is definitely NOT true they (aliens) are here before us and if they interfere with us is because we are one step away from destroying ourselves.

  3. Its such BS!! This was happening back when my Dad was in the military 45 years ago in Montana! God says there is nothing new under the sun. We need peace and communication not war and heavy offensive.

  4. The ET’s shut down the Nuclear bases or missiles to give us two messages. 1. They have the power to stop us whenever they choose. 2. They don’t want us having Nuclear weapons. 👌

  5. Might be a good thing if the MIC provoked a conflict with an alien force. And it resulted with the MIC getting spanked by said alien force and removed off the face of the earth. And the Aliens then stopped at that. We'd have a much more peaceful planet. They'd be doing us all a favor.

  6. But with all the technology in the world today we can from a satellite take a picture of a penny in the middle of the street and tell you where this heads or tails. But the only thing they can get is a blurred picture of a UFO right

  7. The treat is rising exponentially! Can anyone quantity the reported "threat". Turning off our nuclear weapons. Wow ! Sound threating to me. Lol. Maybe the people who develop nuclear weapons are the threat and the people pushing this narrative.

  8. Secret Flight programs. They exist but created by governments. Trying to reverse engineer a UFO that crashed sustaining no damage? Please see how “out of this world” rhetoric controls consciousness

  9. You guys live in the dark. What congress is saying is, that all MAGA supporters arrived on Earth from other planets including Trump, and more are arriving daily. This is what Biden is really scared of . "Threat increasing exponentially" . But hold on, who created "SPACE FORCE" ? Was it Donald Trump? Who financed NASA and Musk, with space exploration ? Trump ? When Trump created Space force. the purpose was to help new MAGA settlers from other Galaxies to feel at home on earth. Now Biden is using Space Force to stop the illegal crossing of Earth's space borders. Mexico border is nothing compare to the incoming influx of MAGA supporters from space.

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