Pentagon FAILS Fifth Audit IN A ROW As Congress INCREASES Budget | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Pentagon failing their most recent audit while Congress continues ramping up the military budget.

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  1. Great piece and hardly surprising. These huge budgets get passed under the “threat” of a weakening military in the face of Russian and Chinese escalation, supposedly eroding our advantage. The reality is we’ve spent more than twice both of these super powers, each year, for the last 10 years. So either this weakening is a lie, or we aren’t getting much for our money. The evidence points to both being true. With a single jet costing over a billion dollars, record profits for defense contractors, and our experience with the government not being a low cost producer of anything, it’s not hard to see we’re being fleeced by our own defense contractors,making these failed audits a huge red flag. Secondly, we’ve seen up close how the Mighty Russian army can barely handle a small neighboring country with dilapidated equipment, from vehicles to arms, supporting the reality that they are not as big a threat as our own Pentagon would lead us to believe. There needs to be a law making the Pentagon more accountable, and as a result our, defense contractors. 1% seems ridiculous to bring about real change, how about 10% reduction per year to mandate transparency? If transparency ever happens, no doubt we’ll all be appalled at the waste, collusion, and reality of what’s really going on behind the scenes.

  2. Slowly shifting the power over to the guys who already abuse the power they have.
    Greed and the craving for ultimate power started around the same time as JP Morgan bought America.
    Anyways, liberals and Krystal happily help it all burn down in the hopes that they'll be on the wealthy side of the wall.

    *they won't.

    Krystal will be trained out with the rest of us to take showers.

  3. Of course they failed, they don’t GAF about an ‘audit’
    They see their budget as their share in the business… ie, the revenues of an empire. After all, they are the ones killing, looting, raping, and ravaging.
    It’s only packaged as ‘a budget’ because that’s how the loot in laundered… they need the politicians to clean the money… from oil/gold/slaves to dollars.

  4. At some point you would hope the electorate will get over the fear of "defunding" the military and vote against those who keep rubber stamping their budget, or maybe the public has already turned but the oligarchy just matters more.

  5. Way too kuch money going to the inflated prices of the war contractors all because Reagan changed merger law 40 years ago. We could've had free healthcare and free college at reasonable prices, all this just makes me want socialism. Like fuck it. Capitalism is clearly not working for most people, everyones just economic slaves.

  6. They failed an audit and this was reported last week. By waiting on this story you helped pass a ridiculous spending bill that gave more money to the people who can't keep track of it. Jesus this channel went down hill real fast!!!

  7. This is why people who want things actually to get done in this country should argue it to be done with military money.
    “Hey we need new Roads Nationwide!”
    Me “military needs to be able to transport their stuff easily and cheaply in a time of crisis, so they should pay for it”

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