Pentagon Introduces MICROCHIPS To Be Inserted Under SKIN, In Hilarious CBS 60 Minutes Story

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join frontman of metal band All That Remains and libertarian commentator Phil Labonte to discuss the microchips the Pentagon is introducing to attempt to monitor for and treat Covid.

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  1. what the hell do yall think the Beast is? ITS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. this shit and the neuralink ARE THE MARKS. watch black mirror, then altered carbon. its the Matrix coming to fruition. DONT TRAP YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IN A HARD DRIVE. HOW DO PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS. its ARTIFICIAL intelligence, not DIVINE intelligence. God, universe, everything; its synonymous. HOW IS IAN NOT PRIVVY TO THIS. all that take the mark will be thrown into a lake of fire, right? (tbh i may have that somewhat wrong) ITS A SOLAR FLARE. shit, lets just say EMP. you have tech in your body, you are FRIED. fuck technology, fuck all this nonsense. wake the hell up and resist AI/human symbiosis or youll be trapped in a deeper layer, maybe forever. this is how i think the timeloop got created. who knows how many layers deep we already are…

  2. I do think that someday technology will be part of us, similar to being a cyborg. But the question is would it be better to not go along with it and be at an obvious disadvantage or get it and possibly lose a part of my humanity?

  3. No matter if you text the rich they will not pay they have corporations to make them tax free people are so ignorant so we're going to tax the ? IT AIN'T HAPPENING FOLKS all your politicians are corporations all your congressmen are corporations YOU have the internet GO STUDY YOU CAN STUDY ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET I'm 79 years old I've talked to kids in their twenties and thirties who know nothing they don't even know who George Soros is or nothing because they don't study they just listen to the lying media I've asked them questions they can't answer I give them the information tell them go study it

  4. YouTube Google keeps changing my words that was text not text left it there see if they did it to me again now I'm going to make sure it gets changed taxed not text

  5. Its the 1st time in 15 months that someone has answered I have been asking peeps if they think Elon is a good person. Thanks you answered it. SMELLOVISION !!

  6. Yeah well Jesus is returning in 2027 and leading up to it, things will get ugly:

    And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: (happened in 2017)
    and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, (you are here)
    and then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. (coming 2027)

    Don't be surprised when 6 billion plus end up suffering terrible death or worse

  7. I don't understand… the chip will say 'I'm vaccinated' so you're safe – you can't catch it from the unvaccinated, cause you're vaccinated, right? Obviously if you don't get the vaccination, you're going to die immediately, so what's the problem… well ok, maybe only 98% of the unvacinated survive, that means the chipped and unchipped will no longer get whatever the vaccine is for… flu, rickets, 20 year old skin…
    Well that's stupid… what else can you store on the chip, or is it just a unique ID to a database of porn sites visited, extra chocolate eaten, routing through neighbours bins etc, will CCTV pick em up and record movements… will nefarious folk emasculate data for their overlords (over and above those honest and transparent government clerks). Will this chip affect your ability to buy a house, get a bus, plane, lift home with your mates, buy a pint. Will it suggest zones that you are able to live in and prevent you from visiting other 'tiers' of society. Prevent you from certain ends of stadia… will the chip override your TV remote, your Internet access, your religion (if there is any…). Maybe they'll install this silicon mark of the beast in a sensitive area and be able to remotely trigger personalised 'stimuli' if you've had a bit to much to 'think' (via CCTV xmitters, phone masts, your new Internet of things kettle, siri, Alexander, whoever*…)
    What's the big deal???
    * actually, imagine: 'Hey Siri, can we order pizzas for the family? And the reply is 'I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that…?' But then you realise she meant it. And then some armoured cars arrive at your door…

  8. People are foaming at the mouth, wanting a neural link to the internet. Meanwhile, I remember Stephen Hawking saying AI was the biggest threat we face.

    I'm sure it'll be fine. I mean, they wouldn't utilize it to send messages while you sleep. There is absolutely no way they would want the ability to implant helpful suggestions to make you a better citizen/consumer.

  9. 11:00 the internet and processing power isn't strong enough. The processor will probably be fixed because your brain, but internet definitely can't run fast enough

  10. It's time we, as the people, start taking back our government to serve and protect us once again! All laws are not just and need to be challenged!

  11. If you have the ability to upload foreign stimulus that causes a thought reaction… what is to stop them from downloading targeted adds straight into your head???

  12. Let's tally this up now, so for a virus that only kills people who are dying of other things, and even then has a mortality rate even lower than the flu, we've destroyed most small businesses, taken away nearly all freedoms, forced everyone into isolation, and destroyed the economy. Now they're saying that want to chip everyone to 'protect you from covid' with the added bonus that now the government can track your every movement as well and utterly control your life. This is literally dystopian levels of evil. I swear each and every day Democrats shows how purely evil they are. The real irony that every 'conspiracy theory' the media keeps calling fake, and liberal organizations try to hide and say that's just crazy, all keep happening.

  13. I don't get it. Why would anyone want to cut open their hands and insert a device that they could instead just carry in their pockets? Debit cards use RFID for a long while now (maybe not in the US, for some reason), and RFID is just a better magnetic strip.
    Magnets on your fingers? just pick up a magnet. Carry it in a keychain even. Why risk infection?

    About Neuralink: those headbands pick up data from your skin, while Neuralink picks it up straight from the source. It's much cleaner, but that is all. Have you tried VR? a lot of what sounds really cool, is not that cool in practice: you get tired, big motions get annoying after repeatin them too much and if any sensory input conflicts too much (ie: the horizon tilts a bit) you get violently sick. I do like VR, but veging out on the couch with a game will always hold a special place in my life.

  14. Over 20 years ago, I remember news reports about both a quadriplegic man moving a mouse on a screen with some electronics interacting with his brain as well as an autonomous car drive across the entire U.S. without incident. A following car, with someone with a kill switch, was ready to disable the car.

  15. The government can giveth, and the government can taketh away. Imagine if Biden had the power to shut off your immune system because he didn't like your voice.

  16. Yes a virus with an extremely low death rate is in need of a mircochip to stop it spreading.

    It is only the Jesus people who would see something wrong about this.

  17. Microchip will track you. So you can’t hide. You get tracked by your cell phone, but you can ditch it. Probably will report you if you step out of line or say a naughty word.