Pentagon Memo Entirely Discredits the Insurrection Hoax


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  1. I actually thought they would at least come up with a plan. A script that was semilogical – perhaps something real but circumstantial only. Didn't expect the plan to be whatever hot mess the intern dreams the night b4.

  2. Bannon's plan is so effective that the Dems have dropped $80 Million on trying to copy the same strategy… But they're pretty damn late to the party. He's been doing this shit since February 2020

  3. Even though evidence shows that there was indeed a heavy Antifa Presence there, lot of em dressed up like Trump supporters and were trying to drum up energy to storm the capital

  4. Isn’t it funny that they were worried about the the optics of a bunch of national guards soldiers but the love the optics of a long-term fence around the capitol building

  5. One of the most irritating doublespeak-like redefinitions of words involves the word, "coup" following the 2020 election.

    A coup is supposed to be the overthrow of a sitting government.

    At the time of the so-called insurrection on January 6, 2021, that sitting government was the administration of Donald Trump, so how can Trump overthrow his own government?

    Joke Bye-Done's election was still not confirmed via the official counting of the Electoral College votes (that is what Congress was meeting to do and to certify), and Bye-Done would not have taken the oath of office until January 21, 2021, so he was not in power to have a "coup" staged against his administration.

    The entire matter is ridiculous in a great number of ways, but the continued twisting of words including the pertinent one to the MSM January 6th narrative, that Trump was staging a "coup" is beyond upside-down…The Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax is far closer to a coup attempt than anything that took place on January 6th, 2021.

  6. Remember the national guards living in the parking garage after January 6th.

    It was such a weird event. Obviously intentional with a narrative prepared, but I don't think it went how they wanted still. The cops agitated the giant protest and then opened the doors. There was the bomb planter never caught. There were def agent provocateurs.

  7. Man it gets my goat when they act like trump slipped in an addendum about don't get violent when he didn't say peacefully all wishy washy but firmly and with emphasis. If that sort of war language was inciting violence then any organization that uses a fist as their iconography and use terms like "fight for x" are calling for violence. I mean a lot of them are but not because of their symbol or the words used in a speech. It's usually much more on how they say it and the tone and past history and the like.

  8. The President of the United States has NO jurisdiction over the security in the U.S. Capitol Building. That's the complete responsibility of Congress. That means that Nancy Pelosi was responsible for security on that day along with the head of the Capitol Police who mysteriously died right before testifying, eliminating the one person who could call out Pelosi's lies on this matter. Why isn't she being questioned?

  9. While the bots and NPCs are blathering on about 1-6, NOONE is talking about 5-29! I STILL want to know why/how the WH was nearly overrun by 'antifa' and shot/seriously injured HOW MANY Secret Service? Where The Hell were All the security forces? You REALLY expect me to believe that our intel groups were caught THAT flat-footed that there was Zero chatter beforehand?

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