Pentagon’s Bot Army Banned From Facebook & Twitter!

For many years now the United States military has been developing and deploying an army of bots to spread disinformation, sow discord among perceived enemies and promote US foreign policy. The Pentagon has overdone it to such an extent that even traditionally compliant partners in US imperialism like Facebook and Twitter have banned the military’s bots from their platforms.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the U.S.’s use of disinformation tactics traditionally associated with “bad actors” like Russia and China.

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  1. I would bet $ on the fact that a majority of accounts on social media are still CIA bots. That’s your tax money going to work! Jimmy needs to stop saying “we”, though. I, in no way, am personally associated with or support anything the Pentagon or state department does. It’s like saying “we killed the Kennedys, MLK, John Lennon, etc.”. No, “we” didn’t. That is solely on the CIA.

  2. So, did Stanford release that report because they don't like anyone saying Pro-American things? Many American universities seem to be highly anti-American now.

  3. theres a lot of positive things about china. its not mordor! livd there a long time. wife is chinese she missed=s it terribly. i say good things about china all the time. im no bot or xi ping.

  4. The Posse Comitatus Act: Seen commonly in old Westerns, is the right of a person in charge of common order (i.e. a Sheriff) to gather a group of people with the aim to empower them to quell uprisings of lawless acts/events.

  5. If Facebook it taking down state department bots that probably means those bots are outdated. At the end of the day the State Department and Media create enough human drones I dont think they need bots anymore.

  6. @The Jimmy Dore Show Smith Mundt ended the oversight of banking — never mind! Kerp’s right, I was thinking of Glass-Steagal, which p.o.s.Clinton ended, that caused the 2008 meltdown and too big to fail banking bullshit. Which I see now people claim “Nah ah! It was not that repeal because no banks failed”— yeah cuz we BAILED THEM OUT, assclown. Obama did it, despite his NOT HAVING BEEN SWORN TFIN yet— more proof the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, McCains, Pelosi, Gramm, they’re all shitbag deep state globalist debt slavery central banking traitorwhores who were ALL WORKING TOGETHER AGAINST US, just like all todays \)3|= shitbags in congress do, as well. And Biden did it, we know he bombed fucking Nordstroms pipeline.

  7. Have you heard of appren? It's this online job site that pays you like 22 dlls an hour to do tasks that "enhance AI" learning – the latest was " making positive comments about LGBT" and then other online work from home job sites are paying people to troll sites and moderate comments by adding narrative comments to any questionable ones…
    At first I was well it's money working from home and nearly added my details to try it out.. but then I felt it went against my values, beliefs and morals and couldn't do it…
    – but since the uk during the pandemic hired an army of 22,000 people to do just that with any covid related comments.. It means clearly there are many who can justify doing these jobs for money- no matter the outcome or WEF agenda!

  8. If you found out your father and mother have been serial killers for your entire life, would you disown them? Or would you not be able to bear the pain of testifying against them? This dilemma is what many USA citizens are confronted with and find it difficult to reconcile. Perhaps this is why we have such high levels of drug addiction and mental health issues. The illusion of this country being the "good guys" was reinforced by our most powerful weapon: Hollywood Propaganda.

  9. Just proves what I’ve been saying about how to judge people, if they say you are a liar and can’t be trusted, what they are really saying is, they are liars and can’t be trusted. America claiming Russia are meddling in the US, are actually saying they are meddling in Russian affaires. Same with Hilary saying Trump was colluding with Russia, when all along it was her.

  10. I posted a comment on a Youtube video a few days ago. And a weird thing happened to it. I got notified that someone liked it and I went to see if there was a reply.
    For about a second my comment was there and someone had replied.
    Then, right in front of my eyes my comment vanished, along with the reply. Censorship is getting crazy on youtube.

  11. This is protectionism..
    Facebook Twitter etc..should also be shut down..but the blame will ly with the pentagon..which they will just shrug their shoulders..and come back and attack the citizens of the world..again!
    Solution: don't just eliminate the pentagon..but equally eliminate social media!

  12. There are many people who are against Russia and the land gramp at the land Grant that they have just done of these 4 provinces and how Jimmy Dore continues to support this evil country is amazing to me I cannot believe what a hack 😳 he is for Russia

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