‘People are screwed’: Everyday Australians react to cost of living pain

Everyday Australians are not surprised by the huge spike in the cost of living as Victoria sees 50,000 people per day turn to Foodbank services to feed their families, according to Sky News host Erin Molan.

“You look at these images of kilometres long lines of cars of people lining up to get these food hampers,” Ms Molan told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“When you say first-time people going to Foodbank – these are people with jobs.

“Foodbank make the point that these aren’t people sleeping rough or homeless Australians – these are people with full-time jobs who cannot afford to feed their families or feed themselves.

“It’s absolutely awful.”

Ms Molan and her team approached everyday Victorians in the street to discuss the issue.

One woman told Ms Molan that “basically, people are screwed” as the cost of living soars.


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  1. thank you lockdowns!!!….oops, it is like it is an accident!!!economic collaspe…when governments overspend to buy citizen's support back after extensively abusing fundamental human rights, and citizen's don't fight them…inflation means recession and depression

  2. Our local shire put in drainage pipes about 300mm above the culverts. How about some accountability for some of these over-educated fools who design flawed infrastructure. Stop using taxpayer funds to fix their mistakes.

  3. Don't worry petrol and diesel will be $4 a litre by Christmas. The Labor government way of forcing everyone into electric vehicle. No wasn't that Bill shortons policy.

  4. Give me a break, you probably get paid more than the Prime Minister……Stop with your "I know what it's like" crocodile tears rubbish, just be thankful you live in the high paid income for a job that does nothing, realm!!

  5. The new world order is on its way! Why don't you just raise it more! Get to the point of this change you want. I hope it goes very expensive nobody can afford but only the wealthy elites controling. This is the one order as expected. Face it its here!

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