As the IQ drops I demand that God send down lightening immediately because humans have gone right off the deep end in 2021. As we usually do in this series we take an educational and humorous look at a wide range of topics and also try to decipher what the hell is going on lol.

The material used in this video falls withing FAIR USE LAW as I am providing critique/criticism and original commentary in my review.

I do NOT condone or support anyone contacting the people shown in this video. This video is purely for entertainment/comedic purposes.


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  1. Idk but the pic with that water bottle i instantly thought the water in the bottle was cold and dude wanted some cool water.. I'm sure the pools are heated

  2. The I.Q. stats are worthless. Unless you go out to I.Q. testeveryone then your only stating those who seek out an I.Q. test, and that most often will be the low ballers who think they're smarter then they are.

  3. I literally thought "fake news" was a meme until I saw that video of the anchor pretending like he was about to be blown away by the wind with my own two eyes.

  4. Bro I got t-boned by a minivan at an intersection that ran a red light as I was crossing in my 2-door Honda Civic coupe. They hit me so hard that my car plowed nose-first into the traffic light pole and knocked it over and my airbag was deployed. If only I bedazzled my steering wheel maybe I could've gotten a sponsorship and started a GoFundMe like that lady who used Gorilla Glue to keep her hair in place. ???