People want answers on excess deaths – Sky News On The Hour with Senator Rennick 22.11.22

Yesterday I spoke to Sky news about excess deaths.
All cause mortality is the gold standard indicator when it comes the safety of the vaccines.
No ifs no buts.
You would think the media would want to investigate wouldn’t you?
To pretend excess deaths is not sending an alarming signal about the safety of the vaccines is just obfuscation plain and simple.


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  1. If these "pokes" are indeed causing widespread morbidity and mortality then humanity needs a lot more than just an "explanation". A lot more! We would need justice, "secret contracts" be damned!

  2. All the Jabbed are ticking time bombs.
    Reporter is a puppet clearly.
    Alot of Jabbed have low immune system, constantly sick.
    Uptick of cancer,heart attacks, paralysis…list goes on, Doctors are SCARED.

  3. Tom is the worst news reporter presenter on sky. Closed mind. Probably because he champions for the vax companies instead of those who died. It'll hit home soon Tom when someone close to you. Listen to him instead of talking over him. People who talk over others usual know less

  4. I really wonder if Tom catch that jet ✈️ plane if we’re NOT trials on it for any flying problems? Well knowing THERE MANY CRASHES PEOPLE DEAD BECAUSE IT . Mm I wonder will he be such a MAN TO BE BRAVE TO TAKE ALL HIS MATES & parents and families of course.. yes 👍🏻 look his GENUINE FACE …. Oh and been forced to go on that Jet ✈️ lol 😂 All these news reporters 🤣😆have no clue Ehe … there been laughed at .. puppets on a string…. How sad to see in this day & age .. dear GOD . Help them . ☦️🇦🇺. Thank You SENATOR GERARD RENNICK. Thanks GOD FOR YOU .. amen

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