People who HAVE demonized vaccine hesitant become responsible for sufferers of adverse events (#128)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #128 (originally streamed live on May 28, 2022):


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  1. Dude you seriously think those self righteous morons will "own" anything? Geesh, has the COVID pandemic not taught you anything about the mental manipulation of the western majority? Give it up. Nothing will be learnt. It will happen again. Next time will be worse. Eventually people will wake up but it will be too late. The psycho's in charge know this. Your video has only 20,000 views and you are preaching to the choir. Bla bla bla.

  2. The polarisation is about more than to v or not to v. It's one 'collective mind' demanding the world be the way they want it, and the other 'collective mind' refusing to submit to their demands. The balance of world views is swinging far to the side that is dominated by leftists, satanists, elitists, etc. We will end up in a very dark and corrupted world before the balance is restored by those who believe in and practice good, truth and light. Sadly, most people who resist their demands don't see how important it is to challenge and win, NOW.

  3. It is tragic when people come to a point where they have invested so much in the claim that they have staked, that they can not admit the err of their argument or the harmful consequences. Damn the consequences to themselves or others. To admit that they were the very ones who were guilty of that which they so passionately accused others of is anathema to their ego.

  4. The problem is that the people blaming and shaming those who aren’t vaxed are the same people who say that all of the stories about adverse events are fake news. And they actually believe this, and as such, are exonerated from any wrongdoing, since in their minds, the victims of their narrative don’t exist.

  5. MANY people don't "own the downside of their arguments" because they just aren't that bright or lack intellectual honesty.
    FOR THE MOST PART they are simply parrots, squawking out what they've been trained to say.
    I say "Many" and "For the most part", because those terms don't categorize all that don't/won't own the downside of their arguments.
    Some have more nefarious and devious intentions behind their arguments.

  6. The majority of people 'arguing' the ScienceTM on social media and media are PAID to do so. Therefore, it isn't a true discussion, or debate. You aren't speaking to someone with a moral or ethical interest. They do not care about the truth, they care about the mighty paycheck only. They are also, because of that fact, responsible for the harm they do to others. It should be illegal for vested interests to brigade social media and media platforms, while also being able to censor and crush opposing views. This is criminal, it's not a personal social issue.

  7. Gun control in the same sentence as covid maleficence is a false equivalence.

    J.P. Sears put out a great video, the irony is not lost on me, about what happens when we take guns from a population.

    If you must link guns a covid, Inwould say denying guns is more like denying Ivermectin. Many more will die in the larger picture.

  8. Personal responsibility??? BAAAAH! Not in THIS United States. That is soooo last century thinking. There are no longer any consequences. Unless, of course, you have the wrong opinion about something.

  9. I know of someone, an older adults, that had both bee stings and at least two boo stirs and is now dealing with serious kid knee issues.
    Anyone else out there seeing this type of ad verse effect?

  10. I've lost most friends and family over the past decade by informing people of the vaccine lie. So many used to think I was the smartest person they knew until I told them things they didn't want to hear and were too lazy to even research. Eff 'em. It's amazing how much lighter my life is without all that dead weight holding me down. I'm ashamed to admit I was almost 50 before realizing how different life would be by finding my own peeps in lieu of being anchored by what I was born into.

  11. Bret is way too logical for the (mainly) Left-Wing Lunatics that promoted the COVID lies and policy over-reaches. Their heads will simply explode

  12. I am A-political, but I'd like to point out that Democrats, whom are generally 4yr degreed, believe what they're spoonfed by CNN, The View, etc and, to the point, NEVER admit that they were fooled and wrong to, in my case, accuse people of being "murderous" if they were vaccine hesitant.
    My problem with them lies in that their arrogance gives away my right to freedom and liberty.
    It is in this that I welcome a civil war- thus making me arrogant.

  13. You know what?
    It's not over.
    Being responsible for the downside of the anti argument may mean exclusion, a 'low rating' on whether im a 'good citizen,' an inability to find work, shunning by the sanctimonious v'd, and abusive drs.
    It may mean my rxs are made unavailable to me.
    Look to China for what's planned.
    They're ahead of us by maybe 4 years (whenever SARS was) and what they endure seems to be the model intended by nwo.
    Why were camps built in washington state?
    And those who 'tasted of the fruit' will do as they did when hitler began his god-forsaken 'solution' …gloat & whisper & turn away.
    Of course I pray it won't turn out that way.
    But if not for those who complied I may have never really gotten a clear sense of how the Nazi regime was able to take hold and how it was that, decades later, people who were there said they 'didn't know' what was happening to thousands of
    human beings, some of whom the very same people who 'didn't know' may well have turned in themselves.
    So while there can be no doubt your point is valid, there may yet come a time when some of us will have to accept the consequences of our decision.
    It won't change anything for me; I've already accepted i may have to die for my decision, one which no anti v has made lightly and all have had to deal with negative consequences of in some form.
    But in spite of the truth being revealed this reprieve will not last, and this won't go away until the gates & faucis and Schwabs of the world are extinguished.
    Btw…SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was the result of gain of function work done in the U.S. (three people worked on it whose names I have written in my notes someplace) two women, one man.
    I believe it was that work that resulted in the U.S. moratorium on gain of function work.
    This road is long, the woods are deep, we've miles to go before we sleep…some things are worse than death. I will not comply.

  14. I was lucky, my 3 adult children are not vaxxed. Two made that choice right off the bat. My youngest did not get it because of me. She has DS and I am responsible for her life and health etc. I did not get it either. Unfortunately my twin grandchildren at 22 years old made their own choice to keep their jobs 😭

  15. Responsibility goes out the window when, like in the [over]information age, attention spans shrink. The world gets more hasty and more irresponsible in the process; even violently harmful talking-points and bullheaded stances are being acted out, and none of these ruthless actors ever take responsibilities for their words and actions.
    If ever there was a time, where the nukes could start flying, whiping out all of human civilization — it's probably now.
    Once you understand that, the "Fermi paradox" stops being paradoxical… Maybe "intelligent" life is just destined, to destroy itself…

  16. I'm still working on the informed consent bit., Ok I have been punished by my govenment for thinking, But I can live with that. But what makes me think it's the smart thing to wait or even refuse the covid jab is while I have been thinking looking at new data as it comes in and getting a better picture with each passing day is I'm still alive, still healthy, yet those who have had the covid jab, if they find new data that it does not work or even cause long term damage, there is nothing they can do, I can take the vaccine, they can not undo the vaccine.

  17. I honestly think that Americans suffer from a populism and democracy delusion syndrome … which then bogs us down with compassion fatigue.

    we’re told our whole lives that our society is driven by individualism, hard work, voting etc but the truth is that like George Carlin said “these elections are a show to give us the illusion of choice- you have no choice.” If you don’t believe George Carlin maybe you’ll believe the voting and election theory on the issue.

    There’s this “democracy index” where the US rates itself a model democracy, but the truth is that our elections are highly gamed rigged and privately controlled. The US would likely score a 2 or a 3 out of 10 on a valid democracy index score- one which looked at the voting data, code, count, election system and voting methods. And contemporary social democratic republics which were designed after the US would score probably in a 4 to 6 range out of 10. The highest score as far as I can tell would be Australia which uses the single transferable vote and has a House of Commons like system I believe where they don’t have a winner take all system like the US.

    Even at its best the US form of republic in regard representation systemically puts a minority of the people being represented by a majority of the senate and house.

    The solution imho is that we need a ranked choice vote hand counted with ballot images stored on blockchain. And an international charter of some kind should be written which basically recognizes that a free society requires freedom of speech, habeus corpus, something like the Us bill of rights to start with (that which has been legislated to almost null), and people have the right to life liberty and non confiscatible money or savings.

    This to some extent I think is how blockchain is revolutionary technology- it enables us to form a nonhackable consensus of data – and data in the end is who and what we are and what we own.

  18. Logic is a tool of the White Patriarchal Western Colonizers, used to oppress the downtrodden masses. Just like mathematics. How dare you insist 2+2=4. Stop oppressing people with your Logic and Math. It makes them feel stupid and Feelings are the only Truth.

  19. I was one of those people who vowed not to get the shot but when it was implied that I wasn't getting a surgery I desperately needed the pain I was in trumped my fear if the shot. Miraculously, a week after receiving it I was at the top of the waiting list.

  20. I absolutely love intelligent and uncompromised people, I don't care what your beliefs are but if you have those qualities you will have my attention….
    Going through your videos, which are new to me, I see that these videos have been very well done…. Thank you 🌹

  21. Texas family , grandfather and 4 grandsons all murdered by escaped convict ( illegal) while in transport by prison police. Murder convictions already under his belt. We the people need protection from the rogue crazed murderer who can appear at your home without any notice and take out the whole family.

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