People Will Beg for Trump Back in 2024 at the Rate Things are Going

Biden can barely keep head above water despite 24/7 softball propaganda wagon circling and push polls.


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  1. What completely different world this would be if the republicans had actually demanded the SCOTUS define Natural Born Citizen back in 2008. Obama would have been ineligible and never elected, Biden would never have been the VP, and Kamala Harris's ineligibility would be clearly defined. We wouldn't be in this mess we find ourselves in now.

  2. Those who disagree with the Left (let's call them Liberty-minded since conservatives are break-pumping losers) need a Tome of Grudges. We need lists of people like Mitt Romney who, when it mattered most, sided with the deep state and the global cabals over giving the American people the right to self-govern. The Right is the party of Liberty's best option in terms of numbers support, but they have an embarrassing habit of fetishizing anyone who sweet talks them during election cycles, leading to a massive grift problem within the cultural insurgents. Having numbers does nothing when those numbers are secretly (most cases not so secretly) working for the enemy. Instead of snuggling up to anyone who screams "Yay guns and support the troops!" instead use that campaign sloganeering as a red flag for increased scrutiny. Dan Crenshaw (the Texas Congressman who likes to larp as Big Boss) routinely drapes himself in the American flag and cowers behind his ever-present eyepatch as a symbol of his "sacrifice for this country," yet he is just as much a warhawk for foreign interests as John McCain ever was and has been a big supporter of the Red Flag laws which endanger the 2nd Amendment. Stop voting for him. It would be better for a Democrat to get the position and put the Republicans into panic mode than for people to pull the lever for a subversive candidate who will frustrate our attempts at reform from the inside and on our financial support. If you don't have a clear idea of a candidate's platform, that is by design. Do not vote for a candidate unless they have concretely expressed an intent to fix issues ravaging the side of Liberty. In the age of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, there is no excuse for not having a clear and concise list of what your candidates intend to pursue during their term of office. Instead of trying to identify wolves in sheep's clothing, assume all sheep to be wolves unless proven otherwise. Even when platforms are clearly expressed, do not continue support unless the candidate you vote in at least ATTEMPTS reform in the areas they promised. The era of election-time lip service IS OVER. Support is precious and should only be rationed to actions.

  3. The Democrats will gain seats in the house, senate and every state because the Democrats now have unlimited numbers of people that don’t exist to make sure they win all the elections now.

  4. Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory so often for the same reason they never get anything done with a majority: they're so terrified of making the bold move, that they end up making no move.

  5. Sad thing is, the idiotic Democrat voters out there will probably still try to stop Trump from being reelected in 2024 no matter how much damage Biden does.

  6. There is a bright side, Biden administration is turning a lot of people into republicans…. at the very least libertarians. People will realize Trump was not that bad. I realized that in late 2019 and the riots of 2020 made me come around so fkin fast lol. People will be begging for Trump to come back by 2024

  7. As much as I’d love Trump back just for the pure catharsis of watching the Left’s rage over it, I don’t think having him back is going far enough. At this point we need a firmly reactionary President, an American Caesar, if you will, that can put a stop to this degeneracy with sheer charisma and willpower, and actually restore that which has been surrendered over the last two centuries by spineless conservatives. I was hoping Trump would be that man, but while he has the charisma and independent wealth, he has neither the willpower nor the allies in the right places to pull it off, which is why he stood down on January 6th.

  8. You underestimate the stupidity and masochism of the modern left. They will continue to gaslight themselves into believing everything is hunky dory because someone with a D next to their name is in power.

  9. I think you overestimate "people" here. The people who agree with him and love this country and are normal, are already begging for him to be back in office. The other people – the leftists, Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Morons, Subversives, Communists, Socialists,… – are not and will not be begging for Trump in 2024. What is happening under Biden is what they want. Or at least people like Biden are who they want. Most of them cant equate the conditions to their leader, and still blame Trump. And they will still blame him in 2024, believing Biden or Harris will "fix" the mess they think Trump got us into. "People" are stupid and ignorant.

  10. If President Trump had of stared off into space with a blank look on his face the Dems would have impeached him on the 25th because he obviously wouldn't be capable of leading the US.

  11. I noticed you have cats, I too have a cat and two dogs their names are Hornswoggle's for the cat and the two dogs are sisters named Hestia and Vesta

  12. Styx, please do a segment on why Jen Psaki and other members of the Biden Administration "ARE NOT" wearing American Flag pins for public and press appearances. I, and we would be VERY interested to hear their response to this question.

  13. Unfortunately by then it will be too late. For starters our debt is absolutely out of control and these greedy politicians want to put our printing press into overdrive. Only pain is left and boy oh boy is it going to hurt!

  14. We can only hope that they have enough intelligence to realize what the real problem is. But I sincerely doubt they fully understand how fucked we really are right now.

  15. I wasn't politically astute until 2016. I am an open-minded person, and try to be fair with all. But I must say that anyone who truly believes Biden is a GOOD President, and preferable to DT, is either stupid … young and stupid … a Marxist … or a foreigner here for "free stuff."