“People’s Convoy” treks from Cali to DC, plans to loop beltway indefinitely

Over the past few weeks, an assorted coalition of movements formed and traveled across the United States with the goal of opposing mandates in the style of similar activism that had taken place in Canada.

Truckers and others joining the “People’s Convoy” group in particular began gathering on February 24 at Adelanto Stadium in California.

By the following morning, hundreds had gathered, preparing to convoy toward Washington DC.

As the truckers began their journey toward the Nation’s Capitol, the National Guard was activated and placed on standby based on the theory that a separate trucker’s convoy could target the State of the Union on March 1st. Police re-erected a fence around the Capitol.

Kyle Sefcik, a former MMA fighter, held a permit for an event supporting the trucker’s convoy, which he originally listed as expecting 3000 people. He downgraded that to 500 people, and finally, on the afternoon of the State of the Union, approximately a dozen activists and a few dozen journalists showed up.

The event was satirized for its low attendance, even drawing the attention of Stephen Colbert.

Biden arrived at the Capitol for the State of the Union uninterrupted, and unprotested on the evening of March 1st.

By then, the much larger “People’s Convoy” had only made it to Monrovia, Indiana, just outside Indianapolis, where it had grown to hundreds of vehicles, still trekking east-bound.

The community met to rally and hear from speakers on a nightly basis.

By March 3rd, the convoy made it to Cambridge, Ohio.

On March 4th, the group arrived at Hagerstown, Maryland, where they assembled something of an outpost at Speedway stadium. Washington DC was about an hour drive away.

By this time, a great deal of apprehension had built in their movement about the prospect of entering Washington DC, which they were expected to do around the 5th.

That day, a small coalition of progressive activists gathered in DC to hold what they called a “Rally against white nationalism” opposing the truckers.

The group disputed that the People’s Convoy movement consists of what socialists would consider workers, instead condemning them as small business owners and capitalists.

While that rally was meant to signal opposition to the convoy’s presence in the district, they never came.

Instead, the convoy’s leadership described concerns over possible outcomes if they entered the city, and resolved to make a decision in the morning. As the sun set on Hagerstown, the convoy honked and celebrated their progress.

Ultimately, the truckers decided that the best way to make their presence felt without incurring risks of arrest or confrontation would be to circle the beltway. While never forming into a blockade, the truckers were able to be visible to residents of DC and neighboring communities before returning to Hagerstown.

Some local residents of Montgomery Country stood on an overpass with signs and American flags to cheer for the convoy.

Not all locals were in support. Two held a sign mocking the activists with a flag reading “Trump Lost, LOL.”

One jogger began to tear down the convoy supporters’ flags and was forcefully confronted.

The convoy ultimately returned to Hagerstown, vowing to continue circling DC daily until their demands were heard.

But what were those demands exactly?

On March 8, a delegation of People’s Convoy participants entered the city to sit down with members of congress. A few dozen met with Republican Representatives Matt Gaetz, Majorie Taylor Greene, and Thomas Massie.

Many of the truckers expressed concerns about powers exercised by the government over the past two years, and wanted to know how to avoid further restrictions during any future outbreak.

One member offered two specific pieces of pre-drafted legislation.

While not directly related to mandates, many also expressed frustration over skyrocketing gas prices.

The truckers seemed satisfied that as long as their proposals were examined, the event would be a success.

RC “Casper” Pittman of Bikers for Trump was happy with the meeting, but felt the proposals had no hope without politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of office, which he believes can only be achieved through term limits.

The convoy continues to loop the beltway, they say, indefinitely. Only time will tell how long the looping, and the honking, will continue.

Produced by Ford Fischer / News2Share, with additional footage from Paul Mullholand, Jake Lee Green, and Kristan Harris, for Activism Uncensored, a Collaboration with TK News.

Written by TK News


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  1. What we share with the Freedom Convoy is distrust of corrupt authority and a conviction that we are governed by crooks. We socialists should unite with them to purge corrupt people from positions of authority.

  2. Demonizing small business owners… ????? Do you think any of those lefty activist idiots recognize the irony of claiming to be anti-fascist yet supporting the Biden administration?

  3. The group of “progressives” in DC is an embarrassment to the left. If the left can’t stand against government mandates in the service of a criminal industry and for bodily autonomy, informed consent, and medical freedom then anything else they claim to stand for is hollow and meaningless

  4. Thank you for putting this reel together. One correction: at the start, the narrator says the group began assembling on Feb. 24 in Adelanto. According to my records, though, they staged in Adelanto on Feb. 22 and left for the first day of the convoy on Feb. 23.

  5. Thank you, heroes, for stepping up and fighting for our freedoms we are with you 100% and are enjoining our communities to support and grow this movement so that it inspires every American!!!!🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖🌟🌟🌟 Justice and freedom for all!

  6. I feel sorry for both groups if only they could unite and focus thier protest against corporate America and aim to improve life for the average American. Currently though they just seem too incoherent and misguided.

  7. Where to begin? Truckers ARE working class. Terms limits easily defeated by system of bribery known as lobbyists. Electoralism scientifically proven ineffective at this point, your D's your R's will not save you. Trump didn't save you, nor will Clinton or Obama or gov from Florida. US empire in decline, capitalism is a shell game only rich people win, alcohol and pills and man-made scriptures won't help. Turn off Fox, Cnn, Msnbc, Cbs, Abc, Cia, and all the mass psychosis vomitus. Look, Brandon isn't a commie, I know because he's never at any of the meetings, lol. We obviously, desparately are seeking to find America and want solidarity with our brethren. Peace and good luck.

  8. Just listen to the hypocrisy at 22:00 where they admit that the FBI, CDC, etc. are tools used by Republicans when they're in power, but now that they're in the minority and they disagree with one part of how they're enforcing rules (that these agencies didn't even make) they want to defund them. Defund the FBI? Defund the CDC? Only in a hyper-polarized environment like modern America would such idiotic things be tolerated, much less cheered. Then you have the extreme ignorance and an obscene level of entitlement from "truckers" to say "so what if thousands of people are dying every week, we should have the right to do whatever we want and keep our jobs." It is not okay to continue to spread the plague. You are absolutely not entitled to gainful employment. If the world changes, you either adapt or you get left behind. If you don't want the vaccine, don't get one, just stop pretending like it's okay to engage in reckless disregard for the safety of others and face no consequences. Do these idiots also think that having a CDL to drive a truck is an illegal mandate and an infringement on their rights?

  9. By the time of this protest, there are no more public health "Mandates" : they're over, people! Truckers' concerns re:gas prices are totally understandable–my father was a trucker for 25 years so, I get it. But, these guys who would probably say they "love capitalism" don't seem to understand the laws of Supply & Demand. During the pandemic, people were driving less (less demand) which resulted in lower prices. Now, that people are driving more (that's more demand) prices are rising. No doubt,–as with other products, like food—Corporations are PRICE GOUGING, too. Sad thing is there's much that progressives could unite with these people on when it comes to jobs, wages, corporate price-gouging, and other "bread & butter" issues.

  10. It's a pity this isn't as well rounded a protest as the one in Canada. The messaging is mostly on point but it looks like a lot of lefties bowed out and that's too bad. Though I'm sure more than a few were turned off by the Trump supporters. It's a shame that that idiot is still so front and center of what passes for the right wing and that religious messaging and anger also didn't help. I think USA is over. The media's done such a good job of dividing us that we continue to divide ourselves all on our own. If the right wing is bad just listening to what the alleged left says is so disappointing. I'm convinced that we're doomed. We're such a mess I see no coming back. On a good note, communities that are nonaligned to either are showing a sense solidarity that defies these "protesters". Protest in the USA is dead. The media did a great job of ruining it with the help of the government.

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