People’s Pundit: The Key Metric Which Shows Polls Could Be Wrong About Trump

Big Data Poll Director, Rich Baris, breaks down the latest polling among registered and likely voters in the Rust Belt and Florida.

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  1. The enthusiasm is kind of a soft number that just can't be accurately measured. Trump had it in 2016, Hillary just didn't. For 2020, the enthusiasm for Trump is off the charts. Joe Biden does not even have being the "first woman" thing to help him the way Hillary did. Remember Nixon was hated by the news media and 1/2 the country like Trump and he won 49 states in '72

  2. The polls are always wrong, the right don’t poll, they left like to prove a point and purposely look to poll but the right are silent and always are.
    If you think all the people saying they won’t vote trump are telling the truth then I have some snake oil to sell you.

  3. Trump ,makes the Biden supporters enthusiastic-its that simple— his threats to the voting process and his refusal to leave office and support of white supremacists — has sent republicans, democrats, and Independents running to the polls to vote early for biden– its that simple

  4. This election isn't close. Joe Biden is going to win in a blowout. If 2016 had not happened everyone would be predicting a blow out and that is what would/win happen. This false narrative that the polls in 2016 were wrong (they were not), has everyone gun shy, and afraid to be wrong.

  5. For as enthusiastic as Trump supporters are to vote for their guy, I'm even more enthusiastic about voting against him that is completely divorced from my tepidness towards Biden, but they don't frame the question that way so it looks like there is an enthusiasm gap… but there isn't.