Pericarditis after vaccine

Kyle’s statement before US Senate expert panel on federal vaccine mandates and vaccine injuries
Kyle starts at 53 minutes

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Dr Patterson video

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Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. This is so crazy I'll be loosening my job Dec 5 after 20 years taking care of people with disabilities.i worked all through the pandemic all the changes they kept imposing on us and because I refuse to take a failure vaccine I will loose my job the people I take care of will loose a person who never called off worked for the last three years overtime because no one is wanting to work in this field ( our job doesn't pay well but the rewards are with the people we take care of) this is so very wrong

  2. I feel saddened and sick to my stomach that Kyle represents huge no's of people who are suffering alone following vaccination. The issue here is that its just impossible for them to be safe for everyone. The mass roll out is insanity. We don't coerce people to have drugs like penicillin. There are far to many loose ends and lack of clarity surrounding the current situation. Open debate being censored etc, its just wrong.

  3. Kyle, you said you tried the Carnivore Diet and beef was an issue. I'm just wondering if you can be sure it was the beef? Was it grass fed and finished? If you're sure it was the beef, you could try lamb only or another ruminant. To know for sure you would need to eliminate all other foods for an adequate period. Dr ken Berry MD suggests 90 days for a true result from any eliminate diet. However I understand your case is unique and if beef is a problem for you then it wouldn't be a good idea to continue with it for that long. But I'd be surprised if it was the beef. You need to look at all the variables. Sending love and hugs. Xx

  4. Glad you are doing better. I love mountain biking to. We have are older kids vaccinated and decided to get the younger kids vaccinated at their pediatrician office as a safer option.

  5. 24:00 why are people shocked that FDA and big pharma reps did not show up to the vaxx injury hearing,lmao u blue pill people are a joke; big pharma and the government are enemies of the people hence they dont care about ur injuries and they censor you when you speak out.

  6. It's sad to see what happened to this guy and it's also sad to see the comments in this video using this to justify their negative bias towards and effective vaccine. This is an extreme case and should be use to learn and understand but also recognised that only 1 in 50k will get Myocarditis/Pericarditis which is also likely from the virus too.

  7. Kyle – can you start taking Quercetin – it’s helped calm down my son’s eczema because it modulates mast cell activity. Quercetin is flavonoid found in vegetables – red onions for example.

  8. Anyone administering the vaccine is personally responsible for adverse effects. They have no immunity. They were given a loaded gun and they pulled the trigger.

  9. I only got the first vaccine because of the side effects. Extreme pain in my joints, over all feeling bad and the numbness on the left side of my face and tongue. I was put in the hospital, after two c scans and one MRI I was not having a stroke but they said when I asked could it have a reaction to the vaccine theysaid, we. Can't say that! I did not take TBE second vaccine. Bless you. 😪

  10. Anyone administering the vaccine is personally responsible for adverse
    effects. They have no immunity. They were given a loaded gun and they
    pulled the trigger.

  11. Hello,
    The story is very touching and for someone who has been working virtually and had already had the virus, I don’t feel the comfortable taking this risk.
    My main problem is that my employer, which is a state university, is mandating it although I teach 100% online !
    Does anyone know how to get a religious exemption ?
    I’ve been threatened that I will lose my job if I don’t submit it!

  12. A good friend of my brother may need surgery on his heart he’s around 30 years old it damaged his heart within the first week of first dose I believe I’m going to share this with him, thanks Dr John and Kyle take care man Godspeed

  13. Imagine getting the vaccine for someone his age with a 99.9 % chance of survival against covid. Now, he is compromised cant do what loved yer got the jab to do what he loves and know because if it he suffers. I dont understand why anyone would get something with these effects known and the longterm not known with a 99.9% chance if survival? I guess each individual needs to make that that decision for themself. This virus is not going away. It can get into animals right? The definition is ??? Right so will it ever go away?

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