Pete Buttigieg CALLED Out LIVE For Paid Leave Hypocrisy | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar respond to a CNN segment where transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was confronted about taking paid family leave and then letting it get taken out of Biden’s budget bill

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  1. Looking to have a baby soon. I get ZERO paid leave at my job. I'm lucky if i get to take 6 weeks with my salary too. Meanwhile my husband works for a big tech company and he gets like 4 months paternity leave. It's bullshit. Fuck congress for stripping this out. Fuck ALL of them for stripping them out.

  2. Not allowing mothers to bond with their newborns just so some business can earn higher profits is just sick. They've JUST GIVEN BIRTH to a human being, for god's sake. How can corporate profit supercede that ?

  3. I still can't believe you more interested in your jalapeños peppers not being available for Christmas when GLOBALLY every country dealing with the same thing & inflation. It's a global problem & will take 5 or more years to remedy. You mentioned the high turnover of truckers. So even if they get to port. Still don't have transport to hall it inland fast enough to fix it. Thinking one guy here going to be enough to fix the issue when it's a global economic failure that was designed by private enterprises & ports here owned by Chinese investors are the one's you should be discussing. All this guy can do is throw money at it & prey the money is used instead of disappearing like other crisis scenarios. Think.

  4. Whatever filter they are using is not going to work with the red brick background. If you want to have smooth complexion and need to put an overlay, that’s fine. But you need to lose the red background because it pulls out weird colors in skin tones

  5. Krystal: "It's popular." (paid leave). … Yes, that and many other things are popular, but the govt isn't working for the many, it's working for the few. Krystal and Saagar acknowledge that but rarely mention a thi8rd party alternative.

    Why? Because they want to play within the confines of Beltway politics, i.e., the Dem-Rep duopoly. If not, there's that much less "show." So, on the one hand, they acknowledge that the few serve the few and not the many but, on the other hand, they' don't fundamentally challenge the system. If they did that, it would be less of a show and more of a principled stand.

  6. Closeted mayor of LA, steals billions in homeless program funds, and doesn't come to work. "Openly bisexual" Kyrsten Sinema doesn't let people know her positions , and won't talk to the press after a career of extreme flip flopping. Former Mayor Anise Parker of Houston, Texas, tried to investigate and prosecute all the Christian ministers in her town. Kamala Harris (extreme supporter of LBGTQ+ rights) doesn't come to work and behaves strangely, after a career of prosecuting poor people for doing the same thing she did, using bad cops to convict innocent people, and work to keep innocent people on death row. Pete Buttigieg displays the most unbelievably hypocritical behavior, and doesn't come to work in the midst of a historically serious port emergency. Ronald Reagan – long suspected of being closeted – destroyed manufacturing, helped spread HIV, homelessness, and drugs. He started endless immigration, outsourcing, and out-of-control spending.

    Question – based on the above examples and the overall record of gay leaders — are gay and gay-focused leaders not absolutely terrible?

  7. Why do people believe that it's the government's job to provide or subsidize paid leave? You negotiate that with your employer, or you don't get it. Why should money stolen from everyone (taxes) be used to give me paid leave? Or why should the government be able to print money (drastically increasing inflation and decreasing the purchasing power of the dollar, essentially taxing everyone even more) to provide paid leave to people? Democrats and Republicans who support these policies are insane…

    Also, stimulus checks were so popular because the masses allowed the government to shut down the economy by fear mongering, and the masses also don't understand economics in the slightest.

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