Peter Fam: Understanding Human Rights in Australia

What are human rights? Do our laws create our human rights or do they simply recognise rights that pre-exist government?

Human rights lawyer Peter Fam joins us to explore the state of human rights in Australia and how the period 2020-2022 confirms the fears of many pracitioners: that human rights are not well understood by Australians.

Peter’s law firm Maats Method is making a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission stressing the duties and functions of the AHRC to investigate potential human rights abuses by governments around the country. You can read the full submission at:

In this discussion we explored the history and basis for human rights law in Australia, the realities of human rights advocacy in the legal profession, and the general misunderstanding of human rights principles.

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  1. 'Human Rights' — should come with a basic list of human responsibilities.
    Like — be nice to each other – don't make a mess – put things back where you found them.
    If we took our human responsibilities towards each other seriously – there would be no need for human rights.

  2. According to the Commonwealth’s own Immunisation Hand Book, the consent given by an individual to receive an injection is not considered valid or legal where the individual has been placed under coercion or pressure to undergo the injection. Once the person administering the injection is aware the patient is under coercion or pressure to consent to the injection, they are not legally able to administer the injection. It appears the rule of law went “out the window” to get as many people as possible to take these jabs.

  3. You can treat the Commonwealth as a common market, completely devoid of people with interests, until you can't. If this commonwealth is going to let such abuses happen again in the future, with zero debate or reflection, or even so much as an apology, then why wouldn't people just secede and balkanise?

  4. I was denied hospital services on 4 occasions that would be covered by Medicare during Covid as I’m not vaxd and was basically treated as non-human/non-citizen yet doing my taxes now I’m forced to pay $5500 for Medicare and a further $4970 for the Medicare levy as I don’t have private health.

  5. Human rights is honestly just doesnt exist in Australia, the government doesn't actually care about them. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights literally states that protesting is a fundamental human right yet Australia decided to assault, arrest and fine peaceful protesters.

    Whats even worse is you get people (usually left leaning) going off about the Nauru and Christmas Island detention centers and how that was against human rights yet they supported the human right breaches the government was doing here during covid.

  6. I was the only one in my work place stood down for not taking the clot shot now back at work after 3 months off and most admire my stance I say they are soft cocks with no morals or back bone and my gesture is 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  7. The results indicate that we are higher than average critical thinkers. Psychologists say 1/3 or 33% of a population are sheep.
    This shows that at the most, 23% of the Australian population are sheep. Probably less as 77% were forced to be jabbed for work and there will be others who took it to visit relatives in care etc
    So the msm are completely and utterly lying. Wow, those stats are mind blowing!

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