Peter Zeihan – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Chinese Spy Balloon…

Unfortunately for the Chinese, their balloon didn’t make it in time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…however, it’s made a much bigger splash than the rest of this year’s balloons.

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  1. Peter is also working for the U.S. gov now, so take all of this with a pound of salt. China most likely used their oldest tech for this the same way we're only giving Ukraine ours. Do you really think Pete Bootyjudge was paying attention enough to relay information fast enough to close the silos? Have you wondered why trains are derailing every where? This is nothing short of colossal failure at every level. Hopefully our top officials aren't planning our new tech to combat China's old trash.

  2. I disagree. We could have shot the balloon down over a very precisely chosen location. Once you pop that thing it's going more or less straight down. Yes the water near Alaska is 3 miles deep. But FFS dude, not all the way to the coast.
    This shows that there is more on our side to the story than it appears.

  3. Try to use a bullet to deflate the balloon slowly If is possible to get it in one pice on the ground next time. Look at Russia because has so muck nuclear missiles everyone from proximity is afraid and try to get in NATO or other sorts of alliances.

  4. This dudes vids have become the highlight of my day. If you tried to teach me this shit in uni I would have been bored out of my mind but now it's like a daily hit of the Bold and the Beautiful: Global Edition. Wow, I officially just became an old dude.

  5. It was not gathering anything
    The solar panels and antennas suggest it was broadcasting.
    It flew over tens of thousands laptops, cellphones, wi fi routers and industrial controllers. All equipped with antennas, and most of them made in China.
    In the era of internet of things, things will obey a digital master far away.

  6. This sounds mildly propagandistic, if the intent were to reverse engineer the balloon why shoot it down at all? Couldn't we capture it intact somehow? It's a balloon.

  7. Wow, what a bunch of convolute BS. It's a feckin weather balloon. I have yet to hear any plausible explanation to use an easily detectable and hard to control vehicle like that to….get high altitude pictures? Just because Xi is a retarded tyrant?
    The US have had hundreds balloons fly over China throughout the last couple of years. Wheather balloons do that, they are normally detected very quickly and nobody makes a fuss about it, because it's just a balloon and those things fly pretty much where the wind is blowing.
    Let's try an explanation that is not retarded: The US neocons are pushing for a conflict with China, because they are a competitor, obviously, in material terms, but also an ideological opponent as they don't seem to use their economic influence to get other nations to do butt stuff or headlock the enemies of Israel, like Iran. One of those completely uninteresting balloons entered US airspace, as they are wont to do, and the intelligence goons decided to make it a big thing, because they need a Schmittian adversary to maintain their control over the populace, which was significantly weakened during the Trump presidency (basically, there is no more support for forever wars in the republican base). They've lost the Whites on the Ukraine thing, so now it's "THE CHICOMS", but it's the same load of crap.
    This Zeihan guy with his ominous sources and inoffensive takes seems very much to me like one of the propaganda plants that pop up every so often and aim to deliver intellectual sounding explanations for geopolitical conflicts that exonerate the US regime.
    "Don't worry, our opponents want to harm us but they are too incompetent because we are superior and Daddy State is going to take care of it. Geopolitics is just so super complicated, but luckily we have EXPERTS to tell you what to think!"

  8. That's wrong, put few holes through the balloon itself and it would have floated slowly to the ground, and over Montana odds about it going into someone's house and yard is nill…hard to buy that explanation.

  9. I still don't get it. That balloon could have had a chemical or biological weapon in it. Why was it allowed to float over our entire country? I tend to think it wasn't detected until it was already over our territory.

  10. China – US relationship has been much colder in the past, just expand your time horizon. What are your comments on the other objects that were also brought down? what do you think about the earlier balloons incidents that go back at least 2 years looking back at NORAG records?
    PS – Do we have a balloon gap?
    PS2 – Agree with your assessment on China response was a bit uncoordinated. Seems that the chances of future incident spinning out of control have increased.

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