Peter Zeihan Reveals China’s Unstoppable Population Collapse

Peter Zeihan explains China’s current demographic trends. Does Peter Zeihan think that China is heading for population collapse? Why did China’s one child policy cause so much damage? What does Peter Zeihan think about Chinese food shortages?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. People think all of these externalities like climate change are existential threats to humanity but the dysfunctional reproductive response to these perceived threats is ironically the real danger.

  2. So Chinese population is collapsing and, at the same time China doesn't have enough food. It seems that less population is good in that scenario, especially when one considers that farming doesn't require much human labour anymore.

  3. High cost of living, inflation, and feminism is going to destroy many countries if things don't get better. It may take many years to feel its effect but It will take many generations to solve this inevitable population crisis. It's wild to think that we may be living in a time that this may be the highest population the human race may ever have.

  4. When Britain sent the Macartney trade mission to China in 1793 to open up the China market, he took many British goods, including a luxurious carriage with independent suspension for the Emperor. The Chinese told Macartney to leave his carriage in a warehouse while he travelled on to Beijing. When Macartney returned a month later, he found two carriages, and he couldn't tell which was the original and which the Chinese copy. The Emperor wanted tribute, not trade, and Macartney was told that China had no need of English products, because they could duplicate whatever Britain produced.

  5. When he compared China to great Britain where I am from it conjured up this image of the UK being analogous to an oak tree, slow steady growth and lives for a long time. China is more like bamboo. It grows incredibly fast but in comparison is rather short lived.

  6. Why do you think they used a vector illness that killed the old 1st? Then insisted you took a procedure that affected your ability to procreate? Or educated you to believe you aren't who you thought you were? The Date of 2030 keeps cropping up. YOU are the carbon they want to get rid of.
    Oh and by the way, our Sun will micronova in the 2040s

  7. Does anyone remember the Gipper? and his warning.
    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I"m from the Government and I'm here to help."
    Sadly some people do seem destined to have to learn that one…the hard way.

  8. Maybe I'm dumb, but why can't the Chinese reverse the trend by enacting systems to encourage people to have more kids? Maybe tax incentives, direct payments, or government/cultural support?

  9. Well they made their bad so lay in it, guess that's what happens when you kill all your female babies and prioritise the males babies. Brilliant with your 1 child policy almost as good as killing all the sparrows.

    Seeing China crash and burn in my life time, by golly what a treat starting to get the popcorn ready for now for 2050

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