Peter Zeihan: Why Globalization is OVER | The Realignment Podcast

Saagar and Marshall talk with author and geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan on the realignment podcast about why globalization has come to an end and what the new geopolitical order will be

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Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I haven't owned a vehicle since over 30 years I use public transportation (Hybrid Bus) a Bicycle my two Feet…. …..And I'm still here….

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  2. its very interesting how certain he is that globalization is going to end, i was under the assumption that it will not go down without a fight, and may well continue for some time. I would like him to talk more about how he knows that it is going to end.

  3. A lot of this supply chain issue began in the late 90's with this move towards "On Demand" and ISO2000. The idea that a given product production facility receives the needed materials today, produces the item later today or early tomorrow, then ships to the customer distribution chain, upon which the requests for additional material is sent out, creating this tight circle for much of the countries production. The original concept, as it was sold to me, would be to keep warehousing and material management costs down. Prior to the early 90's, many factories would keep several months worth of stockpiles on hand, just as they would have several months worth of finished product (assuming it's not time sensitive), warehoused so if there were modest disruptions in the supply chain, it would be manageable.

  4. Right off the bat I don't believe what this person is saying America used to be a large exporter of energy in other words oil and natural gas that's no longer the truth thanks to Biden in his group so anything he says passes point I have to consider bowl If we are the highest exporter of oil and gas how come my gasoline prices are over $5 a gallon To me this sounds like a guy that is is a Biden protector protector which means liberal Democrat Or progression

  5. Russian Commodities will still make it to the world markets….THEY ARE COMMODITIES! Every drop of Russian oil produced will be sold FOR RUBLES. Every ounce of rare earths produced and iron ore produced will also be sold…and also for Rubles.

  6. I had never heard about PZ before the time he was in the Breaking Points show. Don’t know if he is right about his analysis but surely seems credible. On the other hand lets not lie to ourselves, globalization is not going anywhere. Globalization is a way that the US has soft power over many developing countries.

  7. Biden (killing the oil industry with the climate fraud) and Trump (drill and frack to the max) ARE NOT the same economic program. This guy sounds smart, but he's an idiot…ignoring the fact that Real American are being targeted (for destruction) as enemies by the Deep State Govt establishment. That's the biggest store of "Political Reaction Energy" ready to emerge (from repressed silence) and this guy acts like it's nothing.

  8. The four biggest obstacles to bringing manufacturing back to the US are 1) Regulations; 2) high US corporate taxes; 3) high labor costs; and 4) over-reliance on renewable energy. Unless we fix these four issues, the US manufacturing base will never be competitive in the world economy and the newer generations of Americans will never approach that of the Baby Boomer era. As you will note, Biden and the Repressive branch of the Demoncratic Party are making all four of these issues worse, not better.

  9. Why on earth do you ignore Gen X? There aren’t as many of us as Boomers or Millennials, but dang, we’re still here and still doing things. In these things do you just lump us with others?

  10. Fantastically informative. To bad the sheople arent forced to watch stuff like this and learn the fate of ignorance. instead they are blasted with han 6 hearings during prime time. we are so screwed . its " idiocracy" ( the movie ) come to life

  11. So China as the worlds cheap manufacturer is going to fade away as Chinese demographics play out and as supply chains move nearer to their primary markets. How will automated manufacturing affect this? We are on the doorstep of robotic workers, the AI is already there, it's just that the hardware has not yet been put into place.

  12. Awesome , love the break down and the concise grasp he has of this interlocking moving " Charlie fox trot 🤔that is the " energy economy " As an " educated" lay person , this feels like a "boost" of information that is actionable and tangible ! Thank you 😎

  13. Ahhhh, the amazing legacy of Nixon. Managed healthcare. The war on drugs. And who can forget opening trade with China, so his rich buddies could move manufacturing to China. What a piece of shit,

  14. This is the kind of ridiculous American solipsism that never ceases to amuse. Good God, these people can't see beyond the tips of their own noses. They can't read, hear nor genuinely comprehend the international vox populi at all.

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