Petition to end Vaccine Mandates

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Will the petition to end vaccine mandates?

The petition


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  1. Australian Constitutional act: Sec 51 sub section 23A, No Federal or State Government can conscript and man, woman or child to medical any procedure,
    Sec 69: The States do not have the power to Quarantine.. this power is transferred to the commonwealth and definitely not unlawful National Cabinet…
    Public health order,
    Mandates etc are not law….
    Australia is a defacto republic and these public servants do not serve the sovereign body of this counrty.

  2. The vaccine doesn't stop the spread. That's like saying I need someone else to be wearing a seatbelt so my seatbelt works to protect me. So why there at it why don't employers mandate a healthy diet and the requirement to be a teetotaller

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