Petrol prices are set to soar

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Will a tax cut ever be permanent?


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  1. The government have a track record of making some of the most unusable or useless apps around. Microsoft stacks are forced and devs that are experienced and want to make good products won't go near that crap. Or like CovidSAFE they outsource to an agency with very little experience in mobile. The hiring process in CBR is incestuous, so real world talent isn't even part of selection criteria. Aged CareDept is now embarking on wearable apps to track elderly in aged care settings (like ankle bracelets), their criteria isn't for experience making wearable apps but just a desire to learn how to (won't be learning off them for sure).

  2. Makes me laugh how friends winge about $20 extra to fill up whilst they're drinking a $6 double shot single origin fair trade vegan anti-racist non-conforming soy latte

  3. I have an electric scooter for longer commutes and you can ride them on the footpath in WA. I use my push bike daily for getting about up to 10 klm's. I have a seniors card and if you use public transport between 8.30am and 4 pm its free. I only use my car when I go fishing to tow the boat or for travel. People need to get smarter.

  4. The advantages of high fuel prices & high fuel taxes.
    1) Reduced traffic, has made driving a pleasure, recently.
    2) Everyone pays equally towards the cost of the roads they use. You use the road more, the more tax you pay. The alternative would be, an increase to the progressive income tax, which discriminates against people, that work harder.
    3) While people who take & or don't contribute much to revenue, have the right to vote, you will never get a reduction in services. So the voting system, needs a total overhaul.
    4) Summery. So when it comes to fuel tax & income tax. Fuel tax is the lesser of the two evils.

  5. Surprised the Media isn't spruiking Bowen's message – "if you cant afford fuel buy an EV" (and then you wont be allowed to charge it nor drive it beyond the 5km limit).

  6. Make your own alcohol – Coopers kits – can't tax alcohol as there is none until fermented – am sure the Govt will come up with a method – an anticipated alcohol tax like businesses have to pay tax (PAYG) upfront based on previous years taxes…

  7. I've got enough to go to the shops (70 k's round trip) once a month for a year; 5 x 20L jerry cans + full tank. No lines, worries about price or availabilty for me. Its only going to get worse in clownworld so conversion to run on canola oil is in the plan by then; you can buy a system out of Germany (if they still exist) or make it yourself easy. The main consideration is that the oil must be heated to 90 c before changing from Diesel to canola or any other good oil like Hemp so it does not clog the engine, they have tested this for years at Biocar.

  8. Filling up the tank.. won’t help for long… we use about 100litres of diesel a week.. I got 70km each way to work.. and she has to go shopping.. do baby stuff etc…
    Maybe I should get an electric motorbike

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