Pfizer Anti-Viral & Ivermectin Science Based Comparison

DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. I still do not know how to get Ivermectin? My Doctor looks at me like I'm crazy and just wants to give me the covid shot. I wouldn't trust the majority of the websites to sell me real Ivermectin. So, I guess these big Pharma companies have totally pulled the wool over my eyes. I've already had Covid and I know I can survive. I just want something to help out just in case I get it again. Thanks for all that you do Jimmy!! I love the show, but i get so pissed off sometimes and I have to take a break from it for awhile.

  2. WOW ! Great video Jimmy. I don't understand why folks that I recommend watch your videos just shrug off the suggestion as a crackpot suggestion!! I'm sure glad that i found your channel. By the way, i found you, quite a few years ago, via "The Young Turks" which i can no longer stand to watch. But I guess at one time they knew what they were doing because they had you on for me to see. Thank you for all your work cause I know it can't be easy.

  3. I wrote to Prime Mnister Johnson earlier this year, after he said that they may have an anti-viral ready for use "this autumn." I said, "what you mean is that Pfizer is trying to copy Ivermectin so they can charge you for a new drug and make alot of money." That's exactly what has happened.

    The new Pfizer drug was heralded by the BBC. But then I heard a government spokeswoman seem to pour cold water on everything when she said that although it will be prioritised for the elderly and vulnerable, it costs £500 a course and that means there will not be enough courses for everyone who needs it.

    The UK government is taking the p**s out of the British people. We know that Ivermectin is more efficient than the Pfizer anti-viral and it costs pennies. The government could easily afford to supply Ivermectin to everyone in the country. But the contract they signed with Pfizer forbids them from doing anything like that.

    As I've been saying, Big Pharma are running the UK. Why doesn't an MP witn some integrity ask the question? Because they've sat back and done nothing to protect the people they are paid to protect. It's a f*****g scandal!

  4. This is not news. He's very late to this, Jimmy. Campbell will still say get double vaccinated and get the boosters too. That's why he hasn't been expelled from YouTube. He should have been saying this a year ago.

  5. So January 2021 publication shows ivermectin works almost a year later still censoring its use? Wtf is the evil happening? “Could have saved so many lives instead let’s double down with poison jab? “Joe Biden so for you jackals you have on your hands

  6. Oh I didn't realize that, so the fact that Big Pharma makes millions more off people who get covid and end up in the ICU, selling all those drugs to them at hospital prices to keep them alive. And the vaccine is free, you'd think the conspiracy would be to convince people that covid isn't a threat, so they can sell more medicines at outrageous profits. But no you're probably right, they'd rather lose profits and give out free vaccines. Jimmy are you r working for BiG PHARMA? If this truly was price gauging, they cam simply up the price for the steroids' and other medication used to combat death in the ICU laden covid victim.. Do you think anything through? I mean we did learn you don't even bother to read the articles you "report" on. Seriously if it's all about profits, they literally can jack up the price on any medication they want at will, with the exception of the vaccine of course.

  7. Imdias largest state Utar Pradesh had success with home med kits distributed in a trial like documented setting. They have 240 million population with less than 5 % fully vaxed. They had over 319,000 cases of Covid. Within 5 weeks they had 19 cases dropping to 11 cases over a couple more days. The meds in the home kits had Ivemection and zinc. The WHO praised the success writing an article. The WHO, however omitted Ivemection as the drug used in the trial. It was successful at stopping and preventing the virus. MSM ignored the story. It was finally broke by MSN but generally ignored by the media. Mo money to be made on genetic. Cost was approx 2.65 per person. Damn shame money rules over 100s of 1000s of human lives in the United States. Nothing new under the sun. Cancer, same song and dance.

  8. This is what I thought was going on with Pfizer's new anti-viral and Merck's as well so glad to see the science that backs up the basic fact the Big Pharma is composed a bunch of crooks putting profits over people's health and well being. They wanted to put the kibosh on Ivermectin and get their "new Invermectin" to market.

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