Pfizer-BionTech Vaccine Caused Tinnitus Management (Case Report – Oxford Academic)

Pfizer-BionTech Vaccine Caused Tinnitus Management (Case Report – Oxford Academic)

In this case report from Taiwan a woman with Pfizer-Biontech vaccine caused tinnitus is managed successfully with repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation. Let’s review.

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About | QJM: An International Journal of Medicine | Oxford Academic

Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine-associated tinnitus and treatment with transcranial magnetic stimulation | QJM: An International Journal of Medicine | Oxford Academic

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Transcranial magnetic stimulation – Wikipedia

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  1. May💙 God💛 Be 💚With❤️ You Always💙 Much💛 Love ❤️Blessings💛 Always ☺️ ✌️ 🙌 🎇 🌈 🙏 💯🌐❤️💛💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  2. If you are having problems sleeping because of tinnitus eat two cups of popcorn about two hours before you go to bed.This body reacts by sending a lot if water to your gut,temporary removing tinnitus.Sometimes all you need is a good sleep to get rid of tinnitus.

  3. EMF from wifi ..phones and power lines causes and-or exacerbate tinnitus. EMF is huge background element to the COVID story. No one has any understanding and it awaits a closer investigation. Cause and cure in the same agent. Thanks for stripping away the PR plugs, relentless qualifiers promoting the old saw 'safe and effective'..that's a dead dog as of 2022

  4. Id love to see a discussion about this new paper please too 🙏: Virological characteristics of the novel SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variants including BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 (Izumi Kimura, Daichi Yamasoba, Tomokazu Tamura,… et al)
    It looks very interesting, id love to hear your opinion about this Dr Been🙏❤️

  5. I had Tinnitus years ago and it was awful! I took Lipoflavonoid for two weeks and it helped tremendously. Of course, I would not suggest anyone take this without talking with their doctor first.

  6. The author should not put in his opinion. If the author had developed the severe debilitating pulsatile tinnitus after his Covid-19 vaccine, he would probably be saying something completely different. It is not MINOR! Or perhaps he doesn't want to get flagged, but saying it is minor is misinformation! Thank you Dr. Been for raising that issue about the author.

  7. Excellent analysis- Thank you so much Dr.Been! Indeed, I support you- you're a very effective communicator and teacher- thank you so much for sharing your outstanding gifts!😊👍

  8. Some medical scientists make a career out of making vaccines with side effects, others make a career out of treating those side effects. They are doing experiments, and we hope to survive them.

  9. I've got tinnitus since 5 years.
    Could not take the risk of getting vaccinated for cosidering myself not beeing at high risc for severe covid.
    Got omicron some weeks ago. Fortunately my tinnitus did NOT get worse. (I know some people have less luck.)
    Still government wants to force me to get vaccinated, or otherewise to kick me out of my job.
    But I still won't take the risk, (besides all the other risks of this vaccination.)
    No way….

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  11. That brain device may be one of Dr. Todd Murpey's. It is a growing technology (transcranial magnetic stimulation) often with great success for healing traumatic brain injury. It does increase your brain's function in so many targeted ways. The 10 hz brain neuronal pulses would put one in low alpha, giving a relaxed brain allowing for optimal circulation and related nutrients in and toxins out. Thus it would should probably does help reduce inflammation. 10 hz is a calm chill vibe. maybe even asmr. I wonder which tone and which chant also induces this state? I noticed when I chant my tinnitis often recedes.

  12. I wonder if it's effective because they've been merged with technology and are no longer considered "human" but transhuman and their bodies can respond to outside interference like EMFs

  13. Bananas can cause tinnitus.
    Had Pfizer, no side effects at all, same as the previous two which were Astra-Zeneca. I'm not an histeric imagining all kinds of things from a vaccine [and I don't get my medical information from social media], and I have an efficient immune system so don't get affected by any viruses; flu, common cold, covid etc. Get your immune system 100% by taking a minimum of 5,000 IU of D3 daily. Most people have diuminished immune system because of modern life.

  14. As long as they are claiming you hear with your ears only, the long they earn your money. But, the brain is translating the signals into hearing. With that the brain has the ability to lock out certain signals, noice. Therefore the singing tone of tinitius can be ignored by the brain. I do it every time I get an attack of that. After a minute I don't "hear" that sound anymore. Just give it a try!

  15. Dear Drbeen Medical Lectures: I am the author of this QJM case report. Many thanks to your great introduction of our article. Your presentation is wonderful and informative. May I post this YouTube link in our official site? I would like to recommend this YouTube to our patients so that they could catch the key information as soon as possible.

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