Pfizer can’t hide this ANYMORE | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

In Pfizer’s documents to the SEC, there are troubling revelations. The company says that profitability this year could be impacted by the Covid vaccine’s safety, efficacy and the medical community. What does this mean? We break it all down. #pfizer

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  1. Government way to deportation and economic say Government have to balance the debit and credit 🙄 balance sheets needed to offset. Government has spend taxpayers benefits so need to payout more then coming in.

  2. The Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Elbert County GA by aka Robert C Christian prove this. #1 keep population at 500M. This portal has been erected on March 22 1980 for the NWO.

  3. So, the Indian politicians have more integrity than their European counterparts. We had our own vaccines, so we did not have to give any concessions to any stupid company. Even the Indian companies did not have indemnity.

  4. What if those Pesky Dr's get in the way? They'll be sacked outright and if They continue to get in the way They'll be eradicated or meet with a serious accident. Game Over. 🤬

  5. Weird how the people complaining about gun manufactures being protected from frivolous lawsuits concerning the illegal use of their products are the same ones supporting the immunity of pharmaceutical companies from being held civilly responsible for damages caused by the lawful use of their products. If someone uses your product as it was intended in a manner that is legal and they are injured, they should have a legal right to seek compensation from a manufacture they can show knowingly marketed their product without disclosing the risks. That is what informed consent is all about. People aren't being fully informed about the risks and possible side effects of the COVID vaccines, or about the company's protection from liability for injury. This is a abhorrent and wrong. There is no way someone should be able to sue a gun manufacture for the illegal use of their products, especially since the firearm comes with an operator's manual that clearly shows how to operate the firearm safely and explains the consequences of improper use, and since everyone who is not an adjudicated mental incompetent should know armed robbery and murder is illegal, but then should not be able to sue Pfizer because they were correctly administered a COVID vaccine by a certified practitioner because they were told only that this vaccine was safe and effective, and then suffered a severe cardiac event.

  6. This was a trial run. To see if the govt. could get the entire population of countries to follow their medical orders without question. For an old person's disease. The propaganda never mentioned to the population that young healthy people are not at risk of dying from covid. That is how they got parents to line up to inject their healthy children and teenagers with a dangerous product.

    The experiment was a success. People are easily brainwashed.

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