Pfizer CEO & Klaus Schwab Cry Victim From “Conspiracy Theorists”

At this year’s seemingly never-ending World Economic Forum event in Davos, Switzerland, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla recently appeared on stage with WEF founder Klaus Schwab and the two lamented all the “conspiracy theorists” who had targeted them for online abuse. Sadly, Nina Jankowicz was not on hand to offer the two extraordinarily powerful elites relief from their suffering.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the snowflake behavior from these two extraordinarily powerful individuals with extraordinarily strong accents.

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  1. “A very fanatic group”, hmm, you mean the corporate medical community, governments, and employers who threatened people’s jobs, segregated healthy people from public spaces, cast them as dirty and unclean when they weren’t , denied natural immunity, that sounds more like fanaticism to me…. Those two are not healthy well adjusted beneficial people, to put it mildly,,,

  2. All opposition to central power families are merely disjointed factions… sometimes allied, sometimes at odds… called many umbrella names like liberal, conservative, neo, progressive, socialist, environmental, religious, etc, etc, etc… all bound loosely to bloated ideologies and dwindled funds… all kept in check by the mere weight of their own entaglements. This world is easily controlled, orchestrated, dominated by the few… the old power families. You want a messiah? Look within yourself… the only Holy Spirt there is resides inside. Perfect yourself first… enlighten… kill your ego and get out of the way of THE TRUE SELF. Otherwise, you remain ineffectual and useless to all the rest of the "eyes and hands of Spirt" (all the rest of us).

  3. these clowns are so rich, they have become bored and have been surrounded by head bobbers for so long they are leaders because they said so…just look at that nut job character called bill gates….jeffery and the cia got him good

  4. These disgusting new world order fascist,talking about anti-vax, anyone with a couple of active brain cells, knew not to take the poison kool Aid arm juice,because all the pushers and coercers,got the safe saline,because they plan on being around when everyone else is gone .

  5. Know what's a great way to get rid of "Anti vaccers"? Make all info public!!! No reductions. Pfizer CEO jokes but we have a long track record of shady deals and products that kill people that he should talk about

  6. If you Remember at the Beginning … Big Pharma didn't want to make a VacSin … They said it would Take Years to be Researched , Studied , Tested , Approved , Manufactured and Distributed … But the Democrats were Screaming Bloody Murder , locking people down , Rioting in the Streets and Blaming Trump ! … Hence Warp Speed and no Accountability or Liability ! The Pharmaceuticals also demanded Legal Immunity and total Government Support , no bad-talk ….. All this is because Democrats are Emotional , Ignorant , Hyperbolic , Violent Crybabies , who haven't learned Common Sense ! … and it was an Election Year ! …. And they used the Plandemik to Swing the Election ! … The Pharma got Free Research Money , Guaranteed Contracts , Top Price !! … All on Money from the Future … they are Robbing the future ! …. It's Diabolical ! … and they want to Keep Doing IT !

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