Pfizer CEO responds to Jordan Peterson: Corruption of Institutions | Albert Bourla and Lex Fridman

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Albert Bourla is the Chairman and CEO of Pfizer.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. We are happy to take massive public funding to reap private profits, with no legal accountability, and have the largest advertising and lobbying engine the world has ever seen. Nothing to see, move along.

  2. Either he shamelessly lies and believes that the citizens are extremely stupid (which is a serious insult), or he lives in an enchanted bubble and even believes in the misery he preaches. I would lean towards the first option. So.. *u"k you!

  3. He said something very true about institutions and governmental agencies that at least should have a degree of checks , some more than others . Private actors that operate through non accountable measures ruin themselves and others clinging to that unaccountability

  4. It is strange to see that internet has gone to this point now. People doubt vaccines and corporations have to come out with statements addressing Jordan Peterson. Btw, the doubt was, if not created, but certainly perpetuated by new age Internet Gurus. Like all gurus they too demanded sacrifices in their name. "Go forth freely and without vaccine my son, ivermectin's holy water will save ya. Dumbf*ucks went ahead and did just that. Not at all cultish.

    Wow and all of this is documented and saved for future generations to witness and laugh at.

  5. Pressing harder isn't always the correct answer. Also, I find it interesting how easily people accepted the Aids origin story. How easily conspiracy theories were shot down —- when it disproportionately affected "darker" skinned people, and they gay community. But now??????????? Questions, questions, questions, questions, questions.

  6. Lex’s interviews of anyone are far superior to Joe Rogan’s. Lex is probing for insight, Rogan is desperate for clicks. Example: Lex digs deep into Elon Musk’s ideas and ways of thinking, while Rogan gets him to smoke pot on the air. So, who gains more insight into one of the great minds of our time, and who gets more clicks?

    Lex’s interviews of anyone are infinitely superior to Joe Rogan’s. Lex is searching for knowledge, Rogan is searching for publicity. So, we get to watch whomever we choose, but I actually learn things of value from Lex’s interviews and Rogan’s interviews are for entertainment only. In the end, neither one of them gives a shit what I think, but I’ll watch Lex all day, and Rogan gets no clicks from me.

  7. He at least took the stand and talk to Lex. So far so good. It is obvious what he’s gonna say. He talks like a politician and has share holders breathing down his neck.
    So in terms of truthful speech we should not expect much from our Pfizer puppy friend here. But: he came, he sat down, he played along…. Can’t expect more from a corporate guy like that.

  8. It really serves us no positive purpose to judge this man and the institutions. Let’s create new systems incorporating a holistic approach as well as traditional medicine. It’s time we stop feeding old power structures.

  9. What a joke? Ask about ivermectin…no safety issues, undeniably effective: as seen in two provinces in India, Japan et al.; and the scientific papers that have proven the MOA. These ignored facts show, unequivocally, that had treatment with it, vitamin D, zinc, and corticosteroids been used we’d be done with it and the mutation vaccination carousel would not be an issue. Anyway, l assume Lex and half the people credulously accepting this willful ignorance want to live in the Matrix, so have it you future brains in the vat…

  10. This question is so bizarre. Because if he gives any other response he loses his job. Im not saying he is lying im saying no point asking the question as this is the only response he can give and continue to stay as top dog at pfiser

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