Pfizer CEO Says Boosters Needed EVERY YEAR | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar provide a detailed update of the booster shot program being pushed by the Biden administration and large pharmaceutical companies set to make enormous profits

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  1. Better never stop getting these shots that don't work, or you'll be an anti-vaxer (even though they had to change the definition of vaccine to encompass the new shots).

    You can't earn your freedom through compliance. You were free to begin with. Don't hand control over to the corrupt establishment because you're afraid.

  2. “Damn it John, you said could get the booster and didn’t include the word should…..great now we have to create ANOTHER variant to scare these people into getting the booster..

  3. True these are minimal risk.. well as long as you completely disregard the official system literally designed to monitor risk..but..well & the European’s version of that system… & the anecdotal stories from vaccine injured … & the alarming reports of athletes suffering record breaking heart issues worldwide. Other than that though yeah it’s pretty much peachy 👌🏼

  4. I would say rather that it is insane to do business with someone who defrauds you. Maybe we address that part first?

    Worst that happens is corrupt contractors get left high and dry and government doesn't get to waste money? I think I can live with that.

  5. I usually love your guys perspective but man, I think you guys missed on this one. This whole vax situation is getting soooooo fishy. Thank god saagar hinted at some decent points of views. But come on, this is turning into black mirror, we NEED you guys to talk about it and make the public aware that something $TINK$

  6. Hahaha wow krystal! Just wow. You had three shots this year and by next year you’ll probably have another three. And three more the next year. See were this is going. Your afraid of something that you have a 99 percent chance of surviving.

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