Pfizer CEO Says FOURTH COVID SHOT May Be Needed | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give an update on the Omicron variant and how pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer have responded to the spread of the new covid strain

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  1. The question of “Vaccination as public policy” is what leads the resistance. Vaccination is hard to accept; mandates that impact our health with no personality vetting is concerning. Less mandates will trigger the ‘freedom’ bell less.

  2. Most people don't want one booster,now they are talking about 2. Most people are done with this. Good article in the Atlantic yesterday about how the majority of the country feels about this.

  3. Hearing Krystal say "the conspiracies about the vaccine aren't true" followed by essentially "but there is a clear issue with the profit incentive" is cognitive dissonance. The conspiracies are true. That's the conspiracy. Corporations forcing things on people who don't need them while lying about their intentions the whole time strictly for money.

  4. If you're elderly or at high risk I say don't take a chance. But I've already gotten three damn shots and have to carry a vaccine passport like its my ID. Unless they give me a damn good explanation for why I need a 4rth, I'm done.

  5. These two journalists need to do more research into alternative opinions on this vaccine. Plenty of credible studies and doctors to reference to and yet they sound only a little better than MSNBC.

  6. I am not too confident on this channel, y’all are just reporting info from a different perspective. Whereas we need investigative journalist. Not repeaters of nonsense …

  7. Pfizer Ceo will die in prison with Gates and Fauci, Soros and the journalists and politicians who aided them……A tidal wave of hundreds of millions of people are waking up around the world…

  8. I listen to Saagar …coz Saargar knows more about immunology than these greedy drug companies and virus experts. J K. I get my medical advice from my doctor. If she advises me to get a booster every year, then I will. Simple as that… regardless of who is getting rich off the pandemic.

  9. 4th injections? How about forever injections. This is a ever changing virus you can't vaccinate your way out of this. When are people going to wake up… Oh the CEO says I think we will need a 4th dose hmmmm. Conflict of interest?

  10. Why didn't these pharmaceutical companies develop vaccines that last an entire lifetime, so we only need one shot that lasts all our lives? Have you ever asked that question? These vaccines have a very short effective span (less than three months). It almost seems like Big Pharma deliberately created limited-use vaccines to make us all dependent on them year after year. Hmmmm…

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