Pfizer cold chain and AstraZeneca shadowbanned (Norman Fenton & Bret Weinstein)

What happened to AstraZeneca?

Bret speaks with Norman Fenton on the failure of academia and our medical system that COVID has revealed. They discuss how Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopedia to date, has become a political weapon, and how big an issue this actually is.

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  1. I'm in the UK and I received an email yesterday, (literally), telling me I need a booster. 🤣🤬
    Serious question; I had 2 AZ shots a year ago ( refused the booster), do I still need to worry about long term issues?

  2. UK follower of your excellent podcasts.
    I always wondered why AZ was suddenly cancelled after all the fanfare, (and our ex Prime Minister is still citing its rollout as one of his supreme achievements).
    I am impressed that Norman actually gained an audience with a GP, even more with his audacity to ask an incisive question – it doesn't sound as if he received a satisfactory answer, though.

  3. The AstraZeneca vaccine produced stronger B and T cell response (the long-lasting one), while the mRNA vaccines produced stronger Antibody response (the rapidly declining one). Governments decided to use Antibody response alone to indicate efficacy. This being fairly good evidence that they were keen to extend their period of control over the people. They would have known, no question. Just like they were told about the need to aspirate before injecting because there were previous cases of adenovirus vaccines causing platelet problems when injected intravenously. They even, wrongly, claimed there are no veins in the deltoid muscle, when the truth is in all the official medical training manuals; re: Dr John Campbell (and subsequently others)

  4. Do you think the old drugs that we don't have a problem with will be tampered with and they will now cause problems. Years ago when there was so many deaths the vaccine was stopped why not these

  5. Rates of thrombosis are as high, if not higher, in the mRNA vaccines as in the AZ vaccines.

    The main reason for the failure of the AZ vaccine, compared to mRNA was the EU's anti-Britain stance, and their desire to cover up their early mistakes, as they see it, with vaccine procurement.

  6. In order to stay part of the control group… I was bullied out of my job, my 20 year marriage broke down, I no longer have contact with my family and I lost 99% of my friends. But my gut instinct was so strong I had to listen to it. I still have my 2 adult children (in their 20's) in my life and one friend. Interesting how these times have changed a whole lifetime of trust and belief.

  7. When comparing the risks of AZ vs mRNA vaccines, particularly around the time of the blood clotting issue associated with AZ, I found the that there was also the myo-pericarditis issue particularly related to Pfizer but it was swept under the rug as the media focussed on the AZ blood clotting issue.

    Doing further research particularly on the myo-pericarditis, the number of reported incidences was far greater than for the AZ blood clotting, but was considered less severe and easily recoverable and not well covered in the media. Pfizer was generally considered no or extremely low risk even if you had an adverse event.

    Given that my wife already had a severely damaged heart, any further damage could be catastrophic so that even a mild myo-pericarditis incident would be unacceptable, we both got AZ double dosed without incident or any side effects.

    Fast forward to booster time and AZ was hard if not impossible to find and the government made it clear that Pfizer or Moderna was the preferred option. A week after her mRNA booster she was in hospital and died within a month. A week or so after my Moderna and palpitations that had been occasional, became consistent and different. Of course there was no reference to vaccines on the death certificate.

    While it's impossible to directly link her downturn to the booster given she was already nearing end stage of congestive heart failure, nor my increased palpitations to my booster, once can be called coincidental but twice becomes much harder to believe it was just coincidence given the timing of the onset.

    There was never a reasonable explanation for reducing AZ availability given the risks associated with mRNA vaccines, given the heavy hand Pfizer was using against governments in their contracts particularly threats to availability, I can only conclude that governments made a political decision, not a science based one to reduce AZ availability or risk losing access to the more popular (following the AZ media scare and the reported "more effective" results of mRNA vaccines) which could have resulted in a public backlash, a reality I have little doubt that was exploited by Pfizer for profit.

    While it's fair to say that all the vaccines carried risk, to effectively take away a valid option particularly from people with underlying heart conditions, is in my mind unethical at least and more so towards morally bankrupt. I'd call it criminal negligence but governments always seem to be indemnified against that.

  8. Bret, could you please do a show on the 1.5 million doses Canada received of Astrazeneca from the troubled Baltimore plant. To my knowledge that plant had about 500 million doses that were disposed of and eventually the FDA shut it down. Somehow, the only doses used were shipped to Canada and Mexico in March 2021. Health Canada did not pull the product early despite many warning signs the plant had major issues. I have a life changing injury from Astrazeneca given in Canada. I have numbness and tingling all over my body, tinnitus, internal tremors, twitching and now lung issues. I know many other Canadians who were injured as well. Please tell our story.

  9. I was always suprised that there was an alternative to the mrna new technology". I was not surprised when it was withdrawn! Just part of the game of confusion, was the PLAN.

  10. He means august 2021, we did not have a vaccine within 6 months of lockdown, I’m still glad I got Astra Zeno a but I stopped after two jabs. When they started mixing and matching vaccines and then talking third jabs I thought bollox

  11. I remember when the idea of a vaccine for Covid 19 was first floated, it produced a flurry of excitement from research Institutes worldwide. Then only a few were accepted, as if the outcome was already decided. Seemed odd at the time.

  12. What if the evolutionary barrier we present annually is driving new versions? Omicron was a miracle, in a way. Mortality rates tanked and immunity rates skyrocketed. With mortality at all time lows, is it worth it? We have a lot of recovery work to do. This infection is bad news even for mild and asymptomatic cases. Long term effects are real. But we might be adding fuel to the fire.

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