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The FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep the vaccine trial results hidden for up to 75 years. Now we know why. There are some quite serious anomalies that are begging for answers.

One such example is the fact that the lead author on the seminal vaccine paper in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), one Fernando Polack, MD, just happened to be the only investigator in charge of a site in Argentina that purportedly managed to recruit 4501 patients in just 3 weeks!

Is this even possible with a full team and the backing of a major contract research organization (CRO)? It’s quite the feat and it needs to be investigated and answers given.
Without more transparency some might be left wondering if perhaps there was fraud involved or that perhaps patient records were sloppy because the on-boarding pace was too rapid. Regardless, no such questions should ever be part of the landscape, especially not when it involves a brand new medical intervention platform (mRNA) that was mandated as a condition of continued education and/or employment.

Why were these records fought to be effectively sealed? Why wasn’t complete and open transparency a cornerstone of the entire program of mass vaccination in the first place?
Such a stunning lack of transparency and the hiding of records… This. Should. Never. Be. The Case.

Otherwise there’s no possibility of informed consent.

Further, when I dug into the new batch of 80,000 clinical trial records I discovered that the only records (so far) showing the measurement of antibody levels in dose-ranging studies revealed three things.

1 – the grand total number of people tested in the 18-55- and 65–85-year-old age brackets was just 12 in each.
2 – There apparently was a gap without any testing of the immunogenic response of 55–65-year-old age bracket.
3 – there was clear evidence that the antibody levels varied enormously (10x) between patients and for all patients tailed off significantly by 1 month after the second dose. This means that it should have been 100% obvious to all authorities and Pfizer, that the shots weren’t going to last all that long and boosters would be soon needed.

Taken all together, this means that Fauci’s continued insistence that the rationale for getting the shots was to “achieve herd immunity so we can get back on with our lives” was completely unscientific and provably and known to be false.

I sincerely hope there are hundreds of yet-to-be-revealed records showing lots and lots of additional antibody level testing because otherwise we have to believe that hundreds of millions of people of all different sizes, ages, races, and comorbidity levels were given a 30 microgram dose based off of just 12 data points.

Again, it’s not surprising that the FDA wanted to keep such shocking findings hidden for 75 years. They are exceptionally embarrassing from every possible scientific, ethical and public health standpoint.

I break it all down here.

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  1. No, it doesn't have to reduce all cause mortality, only Covid deaths. And it's not that Covid deaths has to be eliminated, only reduced. When delta hit us (and we were getting rid of remaining restrictions at the time, reopening fully), our all cause mortality went up to above 0% from projections (US is +13.6%, +16.4%, +14.1% on average and for Arizona +22.8%, +29.9%, +20.9% for 2020, 2021, and 2022 so far respectively) and our median hospitalization age was in the 35-40 range (now it's back up to 80+) in the unvaccinated for the most part. By Chris logic, the vaccine doesn't work because we didn't have a reduction in all cause mortality? Wtf? It prevented us from having a delta spike similar to unvaccined (at the time) India and Indonesia where delta wrecked absolute havoc. How did delta do in low vaccinated US states? Declining antibody count is not only known, but expected and required (ref Vincent Racaniello/TWiV team). Yes we inject an army of soldiers that die off fast, but the memory system is trained and ready to produce new soldiers on demand. What other vaccines work by letting an army of anitbodies and NK cells float around forever? Being able to keep delta off our backs with vaccinations, our hospitals weren't severely impacted and could run business as usual with deaths from other causes not piling up because of it. Overload the system with Covid patients -> reduction in care availability and quality -> more deaths from Covid AND other causes. Being highly vaccinated, we didn't overload our system, despite a heavier last season wrt flu and RSV (because we reopened everything with no restrictions).

  2. The question I have is when did Pfizer et all know that the immunity started to wane after two months because they did not talk about people having to take boosters in the beginning and for a while if I remember correctly? If they knew and did not tel the public, doesn’t that violate informed consent, ie fraud and then they do actually become liable? I believe the free from liability does not count if there was fraud.

  3. Dear Chris, I am taking this opportunity to ask if you have heard anything about the WHO wishing to extend the treaty that will extend their control over us . The gentleman I has heard from is "The Alaska Prepper" He has had a YouTube video on it today. I wish all the best to you and your partner and general staff. These times are leading us all being manipulated by high tech ,governments etc. I live in Australia and it has been said many times "if American sneezes Australia catches a cold" Try to stay healthy because the whole world needs a free and prosperous American.

  4. What are the 1st author's (Polack's) conflicts of interest? The trials surely can't be performed ethically and in an unbiased manner by the same people selling the product? Of course things can be falsified and fudged in their favour. This is what warp-speed/emergency begets. Holes in data, blurred lines, questionable legitimacy, rush job, unanswered questions, corporate magick making the data fit. If it were divorced from profit and shares, investor interests maybe things would be different.

  5. Fantastic analysis! Glad I watched it before ministry of truth shuts it down. Just follow the money! Truth goes against making money from the sheep!

  6. I'm a paramedic and saw a few coworkers injured by the jab– or at the very least, coincidentally came down with pericarditis soon after getting it. I've also gone to several patients with c/o chest pain post jab. All the nurses I know said that during the height, everyone was labeled a covid pt, but speculated actual overflow wasn't any higher than usual if you threw out the panicky people coming in thinking they caught it walking through Chinatown. I also pointed out to others that hospitals were financially incentivised to inflate covid numbers and was sometimes met with, "huh, that makes sense, but I still think that's anti-vaxx conspiracy talk."

  7. Actually the post market report was amended around April to include the number of doses delivered, that had previously been redacted in the original document dump. At the time Chris you seemed to be concerned about not having that data – but there it is.
    I’m starting to think that Pfizer is amending documents they have previously released as that enables them to achieve their page counts sooner and won’t have to release as much new information.

  8. Western Government gave a corporation known for deceitful behavior a guarantee of immunity from prosecution for negligence, dangled a multi billion dollar carrot in front of them and trusted that they were going to do everything by the book in the interests of the patients?
    Absolute idiots or coconspirators?

  9. Yesterday I spoke to a colleague who had a lot of days off work last year. She confided in me that her husband (52) has had constant seizures since his first Pfizer vaccination last year. It was recognized as vaccine damage. She doesn't want anyone to know about it. I can't understand at all that those affected try to hide the damage. I would warn other people. Incidentally, her husband is now unable to work and someone always has to stay with him.

  10. It is my understanding that ICON was responsible for monitoring of the site. The case report forms for these 'patients' should be audited. As a retired clinical researcher, I find it all quite disturbing.

  11. As time is passing…The more people I talk to in Western Australia, the more previously healthy people I have come across who are having serious 💔 and fatigue and other …..issues.

  12. Your right to know a thing ,are irrelevant. You know why 🫤. If you investigate the true cycles of humanity’s rise and fall … The critical thinkers amongst you may come to understand what’s going on.

  13. Trust in the medical community is totally nuked. It's been horrifying watching them toady to Big Pharma and corrupt politicians. I wish I could meet you. You don't judge and your knowledge is so eclectic. Thank you. Please don't stop. We need you.

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