Pfizer Jab: Here’s what you need to know!

The long-awaited 6-month follow up data for the Pfizer vaccine is finally in. The good news is that the jab prevents serious Covid. The less good news is that the data is poorly presented and shared and so we don’t know which age groups benefit the most, who’s most at risk, which comorbidities fared the best/worst, how serious the vaccine adverse events were or even what the categories of adverse events were.

We deserve much better information than this.

This data was gathered pre-Delta variant so we rather expect a follow up report to be much less favorable overall, but still could/would make perfect sense for some to rationally opt for getting the vaccine. Of course, having better age-stratified data inked to actual parameters of interest (sex, morbidities, viral titers, etc.) would make such determinations a lot easier to make.

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Pfizer 6-month study

6-Month study supplementary (data) tables

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Episode 019:

00:00 – Intro
00:57 – Pfizer 6 Month Data is in!
04:37 – 15 Deaths in Vaccine group to 14 in Placebo
09:21 – Comorbidities
17:37 – Pretty Shoddy Study. As in Cheap
24:23 – Relative Risk Reduction Looks Great
28:37 – Adverse Events
32:08 – Now For Some Real AE Data
39:32 – Maddie De Garay
44:21 – Viral Loads The Same in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated
48:10 – Pfizer 6-Month data: More Questions Than Answers

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  1. Is it true that in high vaccination rate Osrael cases are soaring and new lock downs are coming, while in Sweden, where they had no lockdowns and vaccination rates are 37% daily covid deaths hit zero?

  2. unscientific answer:

    I don't believe who gets paid who studies who pays them.

    unscientific question?

    How many of those "scientists" got vaccinated?

  3. A 6mth follow up provided by Pfizer saying there product is well tolerated…ummm what do people think this business was going to share…hardly going to say there product is crap.

    BMJ even says 80% of what's reported in there journal can't be trusted

  4. This data was based upon previous variants of this virus correct? Before the mutated poly basic furin site of the delta variant? Which, based off new case data from israel and other highly vaccinated locales renders the vaccine even less effective? Im not getting it, as a young fit smoking male who hasnt been sick in 7 years, but I have people close to me who are, and Im worried new mutations will render the vaccinated even more susceptible due to immune deficiencies caused by the body trying to clear s1 spike proteins that stay alive for months in monocytes. Given enough doses, and the unhealthy lifestyles living in lockdown breathing through a dirty mask and stressed out 24/7, im starting to worry about the next variant of this bullshit killing every vaxxed person there is. This doesnt seem to be about health anymore..

  5. Who in their right mind would trust anything from big Pharma! I bet they put quite a spin on the data, if any of it is actually accurate. I would not trust these corrupt pharmaceutical companies if my life depended on it! Anyone who does trust this data is a gullible idiot and should immediately get in line to get the jabs and every booster that follows!

  6. “Is Pfizer protected from and against any and all lawsuits, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, liabilities, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses…arising out of, and relating to or resulting from the vaccine”?

  7. Data is almost pointless without being able to compare the years of life lost between the trial and placebo groups. If there are more life years lost in the trial group that would be of great concern. We know that Covid is 99% about terrain but is that the case with the drug. Or does the drug adversely affect the terrain?

  8. Look 8nto the relationship between nervous system disorders and inorganic iron overload, which couples with magnesium and bio-copper deficiencies. The trick is iron overload occurs in the tissues, NOT in the blood. In fact, iron overload in the tissues drives chronic inflammation, which, believe it or not, drives anemia due to chronic inflammation. IOW, anemia is a potential sign of iron overload in the macrophages and tissues… Morley Robbins explains these dynamics.

  9. I'll pass on the vaccine for now, that is what I have recommended for my family.  Take vit D, zinc and se, and I got enough ivermectin to treat all my family members just in case.  That is how I stand until I receive news that indicates change.  One family member is borderline obese, and she needs to lose 15 pounds, so I believe my family is reasonably safe.

  10. You support the PCR test? You believe it checks for a virus? I can't believe I followed you for a year? grow some balls. I think you have a good heart. Follow Dr. Andrew Kaufamn. Thank you ?

  11. Anecdotally I got the recent South African covid, and it affected me mentally in a weird way, completely out of character. Enough to take note of it

  12. I think we all know why this was a Shoddy and Cheao study! They are not giving us the data that we need to know. It´s getting ridiculous and in Spain I don´t know many people who are taking the time to even think about the data.

  13. Sadly, not much if this really matters. In two weeks you won’t be able to eat in a restaurant in NYC if you’re not vaxxed. The train has already left the station.

  14. 16:30 “Diabetes with chronic complications” 0.5% study vs 6-7% general population (citation??)… looks to be comparable to 7.7% “diabetes w/o chronic complications” in study

  15. According to the Public Health of Israel, the Pfizer vaccine does not prevent hospitalization nor infection :
    See :
    Section : investigate morbidity and immunization.

    1) hospitalizations among general population :
    Aug. 2 2021 :
    – 140 fully vaccinated
    – 69 unvaccinated
    Thus, 67% of fully vaccinated where hospitalized … in a population where 62.17% are fully vaccinated.

    2) Little or no efficacity against seriously ill by age class when partially and fully vaccinated are taken into account (see diagram "Active patients – age and immunization", "Seriously ill" selected) :
    – too few data under 50 to conclude anything,

    3) Little or no efficacity against active cases by age class when partially and fully vaccinated are taken into account (see same diagram "Active patients – age and immunization", "Active patients" selected)
    – only the 80-89 seem to benefit being vaccinated.

    4) No global efficacy against infection (see diagram "Daily verified – immunization", "General population" selected)

    5) No global efficacy against severe cases (see diagram "Severly ill – immunization", "General population" selected).

    So much for the "unvaccinated pandemic" …

    Remark :
    – Partially vaccinated must be taken into account since it's an unavoidable step of the full vaccination process and as seen, it has a great negative impact on the vaccine efficacity when vaccination occurres within an epidemic.

  16. It is not unknown that Pfizer has people on a payroll all across the world. Somehow often those in crisis teams having a say on COVID restrictions and vaccinations are exactly the ones on a payroll. People in media, the narrative that can be spoken, somehow also on it. A list of doctors as well who are guests on such media. And now comes this to sell us their lies. I won't even go into the poor job that they did to inform us with this study.

  17. “The study wasn’t powered to measure X” translates to “no reasonable sized trial could ever observe the efficacy against X because the benefit was so small.” This is the principal problem with selecting a set of healthy participants for the trial that are outside the set of individuals likely to die from the disease.