Pfizer REFUSES To Share Vaccines With Other Researchers

Remember when the FDA tried to argue in court that it would need 55 years before the agency could release the research data on Pfizer’s COVID vaccine? Well the folks at Pfizer appear to be equally stubborn, and are now refusing to grant other researchers access to the vaccines themselves for the purpose of developing additional therapeutics.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger wonder what Pfizer might have to hide that prevents the company from making the vaccines available for legitimate scientific purposes.

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  1. I'm thinking they have some sort of brainwashing kind of a mental less clarity elements in there vaccine and they just want to make sure that everybody's dumb down enough till they just stop asking and we'll just do exactly what they say cuz they'll be the only ones and they'll be the only ones that own 😁 the farms now that doesn't sound very YouTube friendly but oh well🤪

  2. They can't use them for profit. If it is a patent then they have the information to create it. They can sell it without risking being sued. They can buy vials of vaccine and use those purchased for research. They can theoretically improve while using no physical vaccine. But Patents aren't secrets. Unless the government approved a Secret Patent. Which is supposed to be rare and related to national security.

  3. Do the drug companies ( corps ) really have immunity regarding "operation warp speed"?

    For those of you who have actually read and comprehended the statutes regarding the required "reservation of rights" that have been federal law since 1952, and in the "several states" since 1970, one might ask if those who took money to participate in this program, made the "explicit reservation" in accordance with:

    U.C.C. 1-308:4 Sufficiency of reservation.

    Any expression indicating any intention to preserve rights is sufficient, such as "without prejudice," "under protest," "under reservation," or "with reservation of all our rights."

    The Code states an "explicit" reservation must be made. "Explicit" undoubtedly is used in place of "express" to indicate that the reservation must not only be "express" but it must also be "clear" that such a reservation was intended.

    The term "explicit" as used in U.C.C. 1-308 means "that which is so clearly stated or distinctively set forth that there is no doubt as to its meaning." …

    What are the odds that the language ( the words used ) were expressed in the "agreements" (contracts) that were signed by these companies? One might also ask if anyone has actually seen these "agreements" or even asked to see them?

    As regards these "statutes" where are the "journalists" given that they have been in force throughout the legal systems, federal and state, for 52 years…and where are they now, as it pertains to these specific agreements?

    Tucker Carlson recently pointed out with regard to the "inflation reduction act" that the words employed by the government bear no relationship to the actual ( objective ) reality. Unfortunately this observation is NOT restricted to the government but is endemic across the entire spectrum of "factions" that currently exist in the "constitutional republic" that was the United States.

    Remembering the "rhetoric" that "No one is above the law!" it would seem prudent that "the people" might want to invest a bit of time in examining "the law" that is being referenced?

    One might also ask why the "legal profession" has achieved the status of an "unelected exclusive class" when such a result is actually prohibited by the very document upon which the "legitimate authority" of the government rests?

    BTW the answer to the original question is NO…the drug companies do NOT have immunity and the reason why should be obvious to anyone who understands the intended purpose of those agreements. ( contracts )

  4. Of course because they want all the money for themselves. Even if they could save millions of olives by sharing they don’t care because the financial benefit's are what they really care about.

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