Pfizer Releases LONG List Of Over 1000 Vaxx Adverse Events

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  1. MustWatch:
    Conclusion: This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues. Surveillance will continue.
    Drbeen Medical Lectures: Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects of Special Interest From the Court Ordered Documents

  2. Two weeks after my second pfizer shot..I FELT internally something was amiss. Weird surges. A month later..I was admitted to a hospital with a suspected stroke or heart attack. (70+ yrs). Finally, diagnosed days later with "Trans Global Amnesia".

  3. Did you see the recent interview with Rachel Walensky where she has the effing nerve to now say what the doctors who signed the Great Barrington Declaration were saying? And they were vilified!

  4. Technical conclusion of the report: Vaccine sucks. These creeps wanted to bury this until 2096. Lol. I think Janet Woodcock has some answering for this. It's not safe and it's not effective.

  5. So they would have all been recalled by last year, by any normal medical standard, (doesn’t even usually take ten deaths) but because it’s “emergency use” it doesn’t matter if a billion people die. Clearly our best people aren’t bright enough to get these pulled yet. It’s the other big brands too! Banned in a bunch of countries! I’m sure BLM cares.

  6. They say the number of deaths from the vaccine compared to the billions of doses given are minuscule. Yet if you dare to say the number of deaths from Covid (and I mean FROM Covid, not WITH Covid, and also taking into account how many had it and never got tested) is minuscule, you’re considered evil.

  7. This is why I did not get vaxed. Even my MD tried to get an ingredient list from Johnson and johnson and Pfizer, and more or less go away and make sure to administer. When he wrote back again to another division within each company asking for trial sheets, MSD, etc, they went to his company's legal team and threatened to sue him, and his employer for "medical espionage"? the fukk? he thought. As we talked he just said "All I wanted was an ingratiates list and study sheets"..not a lawsuit. Seems like lawyers behind big pharma don't want anyone to know the truth, or they litigate till 2065. So. On my doctor's advice, I got no boosters, shots, and yes had an unnamed beer bug twice, and recovered fine, except for the loss of smell 13 months later. Keep up the awesome work Jimmy, Mainstream craptastic pharma shills called broad casters should be ashamed that a comedian is getting the facts out to us, while they duck and cover for their paid overlords.

  8. I called a local pharmacy ( undercover) asked if they would fill my RX for Ivermectin. I was informed that the PHARMACY board of the state of Massachusetts came to the pharmacy, and they were told to never fill Ivermectin.

  9. Work wanted me to get the booster after having covid three weeks before I was required to get boosted. Thank god i refused and got a religious exemption

  10. I guess I lucked out, so far. I didn’t want to do a 3rd dose. But my father was recently put on hospice after an “immune system treatment” he was advised to have after he got COVID-19 (and he had it whilst having stage 4 cancer) even though his COVID was like nothing and he was fine after a few days. He lost taste a few days and then said he was fine after that. He was back to shooting pool and enjoying himself after quarantine. Some months go by and the “immune system treatment” enlarged his heart and so I had to do a 3rd Pfizer dose to qualify me to return to the USA because I needed a Japanese government issued vaccination certificate in English, plus some app shit and I was waiting for my papers. Well, Dad died just the night before last and I got the damn 3rd shot for nothing and my Dad’s still dead. I’m so sick of all this bullshit. Oh and by the way, I have MS, so I REALLY didn’t want to do the damn third jab.

  11. Thank you Jimmy for being someone who thinks and cares more about people and truth unlike the sick fucks in this world. I was injured also and never got the second but I would get calls letters and text messages “reminding” me to go get it. They made appointments FOR me and I just wouldn’t show up.

  12. My dad still thinks people who do not want the vaccine should be punished.
    Goes to show that no amount of fact, logic or reason can beat a strong opinion formed by propaganda.
    It's religion all over again.
    Yes, it makes no sense … but you just have to believe really hard..

  13. How can you possibly list those 8 pages of bodily harm from this untested gene therapy (not a vaccine) and find the temerity to say:
    7:15 "so I'll say it again, the vaccine prevents illness and hospitalization"? Why are you pushing their bullshit? I'm glad you're a comedian, 'cause NO ONE can read that report and take you seriously.

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