Pfizer Ruled By Judge To Switch 75 Year Data Transparency Rollout To Under Eight Months!!!

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  1. Calling the Police is NEVER a good option. Seriously, people need to mind their own damn business… this woman gets charged for "endangerment"…but same kid a few years later can be sent, by same mom, to WAR with a pat on the back and a parade?? Murika! 🤤🤤🤤

  2. I've said it from the beginning and I'll continue to say it….. I do not participate in delusions. Period. No mask, no jab, no test, haven't been sick in over 5yrs. Thanks for your work, I really appreciate it! You always make me laugh and that's the only way I can watch the news. Gotta laugh in this insane world. Much love.❤

  3. Meanwhile, the Biden administration hires thousands of new IRS employees to tract whether or not someone has $600 in their bank accounts, so they can be taxed on that $600 dollars…


  4. They'll never share it all. They know an army is awaiting in the dark. The sleeping giant is waking, and we're fed up. There is one more major factor to this comment too, but I know it's a bad idea to say it. Just make sure to protect the 1st and 2nd amendment at all costs. Or you will find out real quick how violent a government will get when you have no way to protect yourself.

  5. The h1n1 influenza vaccine about a decade ago was removed quickly. The media spoke out about how it hurt many and not many had h1n1 to be scared. After that the pharmakea industries finally realized they had to fully fund media, so they can put out fake stuff to rise fear and hide the racketeering scam from them.

  6. Hey bro I guess it's time to release new Trump song and update your previous with new Trump achievements. I'd call it "I LIKED Trump". That would be awesome. Counter your previous position on Trump n shut haters.

  7. My mother in law fed my brother in law with a plate on the floor at his room door like a dog bc lord forbid they get cov he had to wear a mask inside the house and when we went over we were not allowed to see him , I looked at her like she was crazy and my husband and I went right on in to his room to see my brother in law my husband brother my children tio that we went to see in addition to the rest of the family …he was perfectly healthy but kept testing positive for 3 months. So forget her crazy rules we obviously didn't comply and nothing happened and she felt stupid for making him through all this for 3 months for literally no reason so at least im glad she got a rude awakening 😁

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