Pfizer To QUADRUPLE Price Of COVID Boosters After CDC Approval

Demand for COVID boosters has dropped precipitously, so naturally the law of supply and demand would indicate that the price should – go up dramatically? No, that shouldn’t be the case, but that’s precisely what’s happening because Pfizer apparently gets to determine what price its customer – in this case the US government – pays for its product. And so, since the company is making less money overall, in order to satisfy Wall Street, the US taxpayer will soon have to pay quadruple the price for boosters.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss not only the outrageousness of this price gouging, but also the way no other media outlet will cover the story and note just how egregious and Mafia-like this behavior from Pfizer is.

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  1. The people that cornered the petroleum markets at the end of the 19th century are the same people that drafted The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (basically hijacked this Republic). They're also the same people that created the modern Western Health Care System. They founded the UN/WHO/WEF, and created the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, they took control of the education system. Is it any wonder why/how Big Oil & Big Pharma are enjoying record profits and getting away with all their crimes?

  2. Democrats are bought by Pfizer. With the money they shoveled to Pfizer, they could have implemented Medicare for All. The Democrat party is peak corruption and doesn't give a sh!t about us at all.

  3. I hate Pfizer. But increasing prices for low demand is normal when the decision to buy a product doesn't depend on price. This is why bass guitars are more expensive than 6-string equivalents. The people who are invested in the covid narrative will pay any price, so Pfizer is just keeping it within what the willing are able to afford

  4. This is the new money laundering machine. We have the military industrial complex and now we have the pharmaceutical industrial complex. This is what you do when your economies fail. You have to get money from somewhere to keep the cabal funded.

  5. Nothing about Pharma has ever been capitalism. When there are revolving doors between govt and corps in any industry…that is fascism. And it's been that way your entire adult life. You never had a democratic govt….not in your lifetime. Wrong booby man, but mind control does that. The music industry is fascist too. Someone else decides who gets to make money.

  6. reuters is owned by the rothschilds, central banking family thats been around for centuries. jewish family behind the founding of israel in the middle east through the balfour declaration where the family promised money for england to fight ww1 if they would send part of the army to the middle east and pave the way for a jewish homeland.

  7. When a vax is on the children's schedule, then the shots can have FULL LIABILITY PROTECTION without needing the emergency use authorization…..which if you dig into the truth, ALL covid VACCINES GIVEN IN THE U.S. to date have been manufactured under EUA, even though most people are under the mistaken impression that the shots are now fully FDA approved.

  8. They know the emergency is going to expire because……..when the shot gets put on the children's schedule THEN full liability protection is granted. Then, no EUA would be needed. THIS HAS BEEN THE GAME FROM THE BEGINNING AND NO ONE but Mercola and Kennedy talk about it.

  9. i have two family members who died shortly after taking the second dose and booster and i also have a young friend only 20 years old who ended up with myocarditis after the booster shot..luckily myself i did not take any of these experimental vaccines

  10. You mean the 20% of Americans who are uninsured won't get the vaxx for free at tax-payer expense? Isn't it still important that everyone get vaxxed so that others don't get murdered by them? Will these people then be labeled non-patriots and science deniers, be denied jobs, and their kids be denied in-person public schooling in California and elsewhere, etc.??? This will not impact communities of color more than others, right? That's always a real concern, right? Marvel should do a comic book about these bad people!

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