Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Compromised Vaccine Trial Research

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. Think about this, one of the best advertisements for not getting vaxxed is Jen Psaki. Yep, had every vax you can get, because she works in the White House, and STILL got Covid despite that. She then took the proper Covid cocktail TREATMENT regimen, and was back to work after the mandated isolation, perfectly healthy…..Thank you Raggedy Ann for proving our point. Treatment protocols are more important than vaccines for normally HEALTHY human beings. Quit drinking the government/big pharma koolaid.

  2. Good for you Jimmy 👍 It can't be easy choosing to risk being demonitzed for going against the mainstream narrative so thank you. I know 2 people that have had extreme side effects from the v and it may never go away. My husband's brother just passed out and collapsed and smashed his face up. He was brought to the hospital where he found out his heart was swollen. They said nothing to him about it being a side effect. We just told him that it is and gave the number to report it. Most side effects are going unreported because people believe the doctors will report these things but they do Not. My sister is getting my 12 year old nephew the v because "it's his body his choice" 😪 it doesn't matter what I say she shuts me down and gets angry. Since Bidens speech about being frustrated with the un- v'd, I can no longer speak to my mother about Anything she disagrees with, she will scream me down or leave and it's only getting worse. Yesterday she left because I said it is ridiculous that our state is taxing us 30 cents on any product containing "pesticides" which is most cleaning products, all of the money goes to a research group at the university, which I guarantee nothing will come of.
    Anyway, people are getting crazy and intolerant of any view besides theirs, I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Jimmy you forgot about Bill Gates who is the mastermind behind this plandemic!!!
    Jimmy come on and call this bullshit what it is!!!!! SOFT GENOCIDE FOR FUCKS SAKES. Look it up on duck duck go not google.

  4. Obviously someone at the FDA called Ventavia immediately after she called them with the complaint. Industry capture, there's no one to complain to, no one to hold anyone accountable, they're all in the same club.

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