Pfizer Yanks Child Vaccine Approval Request

In a surprise move, Pfizer has chosen to postpone applying to the FDA for approval of a vaccine for children aged six months to four years, explaining that a proposed two-shot regimen had not delivered the expected benefits for young children. Instead, the company has said it will wait and hope for better results from a three-shot course of vaccine.

Jimmy and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss what might be amiss with Pfizer’s efforts to get shots in little kids’ arms.

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  1. Any parent who's jabbed their kid seriously needs their heads checked. I heard a local woman on my radio say she's defo vaxxing the kids as ahe needs a holiday. I switched it off.

  2. Pfizer announced on Friday that, on Thursday, pathetically low-polling Democrats GOT ON THEIR KNEES AND BEGGED THEM to postpone the child vaccine approval request (at least until after the mid-terms), citing an outbreak of a novel ophthalmological condition afflicting the nation's parents which causes their eyes to open wide enough to see what authoritarian monsters the Democrats really are.

  3. One can only hope that the insanity of this vaccine for children will lead to an examination of the current schedule of all vaccines…how it has grown, how they are "bundled", and the increase in autoimmune diseases suffered. Damn market research that says they are safe… bring on independent research, and let's get some honest data.

  4. Friends who experienced neurological issues are being denied care because of vaccine taboo. Friends who temporarily recover from myocarditis would not admit it lest they will be labeled an anti-vaxx. Why has our society degraded to this state? If we don't recognize and admit the adverse effects right now, we are putting even more people at risk especially young kids who can't fully express or describe the effects.

  5. How come the flu & bronchitis & pneunomia & br vanished since Covid 1984 ?

    Jimmy with what they diagnose c19?

    PCR Test …with what they diagnose Delta & Omnicron?

    PCR Test

    What did Kary Mullis said about his Nobel Prize winning PCR Test?

    What did Kary Mullis said about Fauci & Big Pharma?

    What did Kary Mullis said about HIV / AIDS ?

    Jimmy what in 2014 did Harry Vox told showed the world about The Rockefeller Lockstep Document 2010?

    Jimmy what did Aaron Russo told Alex Jones in 2007 ?

    What did David Icke predicted in 2009 ?

    What did Corbett Report said in 2013 on Medical Martial Law

    Jimmy what did Dan Dicks Press For Truth predicted 8 years ago

    Jimmy what predicted Jason Bermas the 12 years ago ?

    What did the late Rose Koira told the world on UN Agenda 21/30/50
    Behind The Green Mask

    Jimmy why do u not tell ur audiënce about Spiro Skouras & Ben Swann & Cory Morningstar ?

  6. My wife worked at a preschool where kids where vaccinated with both doses, all of them from high income earners and very progressive, my kids were not vaccinated and we are barely making it economically, we just questioned why anyone would vaccinate their kids, anyways their kids all got infected by COVID and took them a while to recover, my kids got COVID and recovered in 1 day. They have natural immunity. Of course we prepared by eating healthy and taking our daily vitamins.

  7. The problem is that if you have a comorbidity which affects your immune system, your body will be unable to form the antibodies you will normally develop by the way of the vaccine so the vaccine is useless to you anyway.

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