Philadelphia Researcher Murdered, Three Russian Doctors Fall Out Of Windows, What’s Happening Here??

In a very sad recent story, a medical researcher in Philadelphia who appeared to be on the brink of a breakthrough in understanding the virus was targeted and died, while two doctors died ‘falling from windows’ and a third was critically injured in the same bizarre circumstances in Russia after making complaints about PPE availability and being forced to work while diagnosed with the virus. Tim and Adam discuss the parallels (or lack thereof) between these situations, and whether we’re all just support characters.

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  1. I'm almost tempted to call this coincidence just because I'm not sure they would actually be this insultingly bad at covering things up.

  2. Russian doctors:
    It was in 3 different cities. Hospital windows in Russia can be opened, i would guess, everywhere. The other two cases were a head of ambulance division that was supposadly wrongfully acused of failing to assure safety of her stuff so some of them get covid. And the last one was head physician of a hospital that was reprofiled for covid. She claimed that the hospital is not ready for the job.

  3. Tim don't you watch any of the other stuff on YouTube??? Honestly, it's been all over the site, the pair of doctors who found the virus is triggering your own immune system to attack itself, THATS why all the symptoms are so different. It's been known for a couple of wks…

  4. A top government scientist being interviewed on BBC slipped up big time when she said we didn't infect enough people before lockdown.

  5. Search: ‘Event 201’. They practiced the messaging for a pandemic in OCTOBER, 2019 including fake news videos with hosts showing videos of body bags being loaded into semi trailers. Their pretend pandemic was along the lines of what they predicted with hundreds of thousands of deaths. October. Patient zero supposedly was infected in November. Fauci spoke just after Trump was elected in late 2016 or early 2017 and said with certainty that Trump would be facing more than one Pandemic challenge during his term. Yeah? How was he so sure? Look it up it’s on video. One of ‘Amazing Polly’s’ latest videos here on YouTube. Fauci is a known bad guy. Bill Gates is obviously so involved, his motives are in question too since he wants us all to be traceable perhaps via Nano tech. Gate’s parents were into eugenics as well. Is he? All the worldwide health non-profits and the pharma companies are completely intertwined with questionable relationships and led by questionable leaders. The WHO and World Bank are in bed together under another name (I forget) and we know how untrustworthy they are but not their population health program. It all just reeks of corruption and intentionality. I don’t trust the people who govern us or any other state. Why did Sweden, the legendarily independent and neutral government decide not to join the world in the over-reaction of shutting down their economy and how is it they fared as well as us per capita? How could it be that this virus didn’t reduce our flu deaths? If you’re immunodeficient, won’t you be susceptible to both viruses? Won’t there be overlap?I don’t believe there was anything accidental about this at all. This was truly a plandemic and when they try to pull this again when fall comes, I hope enough people come to this conclusion to defy their orders to where they can’t arrest us all. They need to be exposed.

  6. Keep getting unsubscribed from this channel & multiple channels I watch regularly. YT format on ios changed and since then constantly having to resubscribe. Even after subscribing again when I return to channel unsubscribed again. Its on many channels but not all. Ironically its all channels that are independent creators that would be considered libertarian or conservative while others that are leftist or non political are still subscribed. Is anyone else having this issue? Suggest checking your subscriptions.