Pick Up Artists Are Recanting Their Careers

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  1. Callum, people haven't figured it out. I have a friend who became hedonistic (his words), lost his faith in Christ and has just gone off the rails.
    He's depressed, obese and lost.
    People need to be told hedonism doesn't work.

  2. I just hope they are genuine and not just abandoning a dying trend for a new one.
    "Sir, books about being a pickup artist are no longer selling"
    "Look people I'm a reformed man now, buy my new book"

  3. I had a gay coworker tell me something similar that he'd discovered about his own pursuit of excess. He said that he'd had a change of heart, within the past x-number of months, and had begun to see a lot of the people around him as shallow and inauthentic. He was telling me that a pursuit of self-knowledge, or a spiritual journey, is somehow "scary" to him, and he wanted advice and help from me with it.

    Undoubtedly, plague-mandated isolation has pressed some people into a new, and undoubtedly uncomfortable, place within their own minds and hearts, to uncover things they'd never taken the time to consider before.

  4. I had a period in my life after a relationship ended I would bounce from woman to woman, sometimes one off encounters sometimes long periods of strictly sex.
    The Internet social media trends were just beginning around this time so picking women up was even easier. It was very much shooting fish in a barrel to the point where during the week I had to turn women down as I was double booked…

    And one day I drove to a womans house and remember feeling like I was driving to a dentist appointment or a my job. I pulled over called ahead and explained that I couldn't make it. And gave it all up, I'd become numb and bored with sex… I'd worn it out so to speak.

    Today I'm in a great long term relationship house together dogs cat that sort of thing…

    I would genuinely hate to be a young man in the dating world these days it seems like a toxic pit of one up manship and confidence destroying people.

  5. He will be a cringe non-denominational evangelical Protestant that tries to make money by opening a church that "accepts everybody"; aka still a Pick Up Artist. The only absolution for his soul will be to spend the rest of his life in penance in the Crusader Army.
    DEUS VULT ! ✝️

  6. The hedonistic lifestyle was brought to us, and promoted, by the boomers. The same generation that had every opportunity handed to them. They rejected God and decided they were gods themselves and lived as such. 60 years later, we can now look around society and see where that brought us. The only way we can fix our declining culture is to recognize the corruption in our social and religious values and change course. It may however already be too late, and the west will go the way of Rome.

  7. Pick-up artists are dead creepy though. A lot of times it goes beyond seduction techniques, to shagging as many women as possible.
    Anyone who has a daughter would not want a pick up artist within 5 miles of her, let's be honest.

  8. Rooshv used to be this fun cheeky dissident. I don't really care much for PUA, but he'd often be the first one to say that it only works for guys who already have something going for them. The cringe often comes from these incels who are far to socially awkward and uncomfortable in their skin to get anywhere with game.

    That said, people from the breadtube community single this kind of thing out to make fun of while offering no solutions of their own outside of some Disney nonsense like "be yourself" or "ask a woman". Of course their whole world view is based around the whole idea that everyone is a clean slate with no inbuild biological preferences. Women are "taught" to be attracted to the badboy, men are "taught" that they want to have sex.

  9. I'm with Callum on this, these guys knew what they did was shitty so giving them credit for their conversion would equate in my mind to giving Anita Sarkeesian a pass if she suddenly decided that all video games were just entertainment and not sexist.

    They just saw that the ship they were on was sinking and have abandoned it for something else.