Picnic on Acland, Melbourne

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Picnic on Acland Street, Saint Kilda, Melbourne. October 23rd, 2021. Damien Richardson and Michael Gray-Griffith host Café Locked Out:

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Written by True Arrow


  1. St.Kilda the drug capital of Australia, full of welfare bludgers, drunks, junkies on ice, pills, petrol sniffers , injection rooms, heroin, used needles strewn everywhere … the irony !

  2. Those of us who value freedom are the few. Most people don't care as long as they have their mobiles and TV. They are happy in their cages where they feel safe and get all the risk they can handle from watching dancing shows.

  3. Their selfish,…”let them eat cake.” Eating is your reward for getting the vaccine. Can you remember as a child the Dr. gave you a sucker after getting a vaccine. Now go obey, get your vaccine and you can have a piece of cheesecake. Hmmmm

  4. Look up dancing guy at sasquatch festival.

    Only a perceived equality of leadership away from being a true movement.

    I know we can all do it in this current emergency to all come to one another's aid ✌🏻

  5. My fk'n stupid sister and her husband got vaccinated. She decided to let her kids decide. My 14 year old niece took the jab but her younger brother decided not too. All 3 vaccinated one currently have covid. 😂😂

  6. Australia seems to have turned into a totalitarian state in the hands of maniacs politicians. Should be careful this might be used as a testbench for all other countries. How do these police people sleep at night?

  7. God bless you for your resilience, your strength, your patience. The world is watching. Those that made you suffer will be accountable. There's a God, there is divine justice. Living in Australia is been a big challenge but nothing like living in Melbourne…or the people's Republic Melbourne. Please be united, be unstoppable… you are waking up the whole world. God will reward you beings of light!

  8. I'm not vaccinated and I'm not allowed to sit at a restaurant or go to a bar or go to the movies BUT I can go to the supermarket, or the chemist or friends houses and public transport and be in the same proximity with the exact same people????? Lol geez where's the fkn common sense, this is not about safety it's about control!

  9. Just remember….. the State of Emergency is still in force until at LEAST end of year.
    You can be jailed if they "believe" you might break a law….among other things.

  10. they have aright to protest.
    vaccination or any medical treatment is a choice. If they don't want to they don't have to.
    besides, people have passed, gotten sick even after talking both the shots….so… it WORKING?

  11. How in the dickens can ppl be proud of vaxes & passpirts ????
    This is a FALSE FREEDOM..
    Its the Blund leading the Blind.. They both fall into a ditch…..SURPRISE ehh !!!-
    This is SEGREGATION… Ut comes from ADOLF
    WW2 still going on…
    The picnics put a smile on my dial though. Lovely..
    Vicpol are under FALSE rules of Dandy-Pandy the person with an ADOLF HITLER COMPLEX…..he too tried to be BIGGER than CREATER OF THIS EARTH & UNIVERSE. GOD ALMIGHTY…..
    Sooner Dandypandy is gone the better..
    As also Matthew Guy. His a COWARD TOO….
    Come on Victorians AWAKEN UP NOW…blind leading the blind. They both fall into a ditch……😰😥😭😭😪😥😰😳😳