Pierre Poilievre on Tamara Lich and the Freedom Convoy

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  1. Trudeau is a narcissist. Narcissists ego, does not care if the attention they get is positive or negative! They just need attention, all the time. 🙄. Their actions are rarely altruistic

  2. IT BECAME UNLAWFUL WHEN THE LAWS WERE BROKEN….I have voted PC for MANY YEARS and I don't believe soon to be PM Poilieve should stand with LAW BREAKERS. Maybe the next convey should park in Pierre's neighborhood.

  3. Pierre is our only hope to fix our country.
    Unlike the government in charge now.
    He show’s a large amount of common sense . Trudeau on the other hand shows no common sense. And has forgotten that we run this country and it is ours. And that we allow him to work for us.
    It’s time we remind him and vote him out.

  4. Tamara Lich is Aryan Brotherhood.
    Linked to soros through Wexit/Maverick party that was created by Peter Downing another soros affiliate.

    Her "Jan 6th" arrest was less then 1 minute, from "you are under arrest, to back of police cruiser" must have been a record.

    Political theater.

    Pierre Poilievre is a member of WEF & Eurasia Group along with Gerald Butts, Justina Castro Turdos best friend.

  5. I am telling you now. The commission was appointed by Trudeau. Obscure its gona go in his favor. Who else gets to appoint their own judge. This whole commission was predetermined.

  6. The protest downtown Ottawa with trucks was authorised by OPS with daily communication between convoy organiser and OPS in charge of communication with the protester

  7. I think Pierre handles this really well. He somewhat avoids the answer to the question if the trucks stopped on the street was peaceful protesting. It seems that it can be ambiguous. If people camped there in tents would it be unlawful? How about standing? Sitting? Sitting in chairs? Bicycles? Does the mode of personal transport dictate the nature of the protest being peaceful or forceful? Rather, he focuses that this issue occurred because of Trudeau and his policies on vaccines. This was the real problem. Provoke people enough and things are bound to go to limits that might sit in shades of grey rather than black and white.

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