PITCHFORKS ARE COMING: Inflation Projected To WORSEN, BlackRock Blasts ‘Entitled’ Generation

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to a Blackrock executive’s comments about the ‘entitlement’ of young people amidst record inflation.

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  1. all those globalist elites🐙that are masterminds and behind this PLANdemic and all the global crisis like this inflation and price hike because they are not REAL American🇺🇸and they are all ANTI-AMERICA🇺🇸.. only their documents saying they are American citizens but trying to destroy and put the US🇺🇸to get compromized.. because of them the US🇺🇸 government was ROTTING INSIDE.. by INFILTRATING and HIJACKING every BRANCHES of the US🇺🇸 government means TREASON and FORM OF TERRORISM..

  2. When has Rob KApito's generation every sacrificed anything? They were given the greatest economy after ww2. If anything they had the easiest time out of any generation in the last 100 years.

  3. the US🇺🇸has the problem because they "THROW" the True Democracy,Freedom and Liberty by letting those globalist elites of world evil-CON-omicron forum or world e-CON-omic forum CON-trols,in"FLU"enced and INFILTRATE any BRANCH of the government to INSTALL their PUPPETS not only US🇺🇸also the Europe countries because they all want the globalist elites new world order(disorder).. NEW NORMAL is beyond NORMAL that's why its ABNORMAL..
    their PLUTOCRATIC and TECHNOCRATIC fascist-communist combined..

  4. welcome to the return of feudalism's 5 classes – royalty / aristocrats / mercenaries / merchants / serfs … and very little can and will be done to alter course ..

  5. Nonsense. If Corp greed was the cause of inflation then companies would just raise prices at will whenever the want. We have shortages caused by locking down the global economy. We will have to deal with the consequences for many years yet.

  6. Telling me and my generation who served multiple deployments in a 20 year war that they don't know what sacrifice is, should get this guy strung up from a lamp post in the town square

  7. "Under current law, U.S. multinational corporations face only a 10.5% minimum tax on their foreign earnings, half the rate that they pay on their domestic earnings, incentivizing them to operate and shift profits abroad. That rate is also far less than small businesses pay on Main Street – which earn all of their profits at home – or the tax rates faced by workers – who bear an increasing share of the tax burden as the corporate burden dwindles." A windfall tax on a corporation's domestic profits might result in a much need infusion of capital, but a fundamental change in corporate tax law is needed to de-incentivize the shifting of taxable profits and jobs abroad.

  8. I disagree with the whole idea of endorsing this 95% tax on the corporations that are accused of profiting off of people's pain in the prices they are paying. My main reason is that I don't actually trust government officials to actual use the money they would get to actually help people. I expect that the money will either go to pet projects which really helps no one but a certain few or the money would go into a raise for our "caring" leaders. I'm sorry but I've just gotten so cynical over the years not to trust that government officials will actually do much to really help people if not make things worse.

  9. You do know that it's all intentional, right? To burn America to the ground and, basically, turn it into a 3rd world country like Venezuela? Please, wake up. Yeah, it's bad what these horrible people like the CEO of BlackRock (think, evil, Black Cube of Saturn from an occult perspective ) are saying and doing. But it's been planned for a long time. These elitists see all of us, including you 3 hosts of this show, as useless eaters and useful idiots in their dark, evil plan. What I'm saying may sound like hyperbole, but I would disagree. These elitists have been planning the burning down of America or the US for decades. See or listen to any video with Yuri Besmenov talking about the demoralization process and the bringing down of America. So, yes, stock up on food, etc, learn some skills or have a community of folks with whom you can work to weather what is coming. And move out of urban areas if you can. I would never want to be in a city or suburban area when the proverbial SHTF. Without food, etc? People won't be so kind to each other anymore. God bless and Godspeed, folks! Be well, stay vigilant!!

  10. those future generation of people will be suffers mostly your children and grandchildren if you don't stopped all those ROOT of all this which are those globalist elites🐙..

  11. Kim: "Look. Either they do something about this. Or the pitchforks are coming."

    Jan 6 protesters, BLM Protesters, CHAZ/CHOP protesters. Truckers Convey. Women's March Protesters etc. etc. : Are we just a joke to you?!?"

  12. You know what? Go ahead and tax at 95%. That will ensure that oil prices skyrocket. It ensures that no oil company can drill any additional wells in the future. The solution? Stop trying to destroy our domestic oil industry!

  13. Inflation is certainly being exploited by big corporations, but the main cause is the printing of such huge sums of money in the past two years, the lockdowns and other stupidities.

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