Pivotal Homes Collapses – Construction Apocalypse

#ConstructionApocalypse #Recession #HeiseSays
Queensland builder Pivotal Homes has collapsed and entered liquidation. It appears we in a construction apocalypse, similar to the retail apocalypse.


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  1. no big deal. Luckily, the country is managed by skilled leaders who didn't put all eggs in one property basket. The experts in charge made sure the economy was well diversified, they invested heavily in 21st century industries so younger generations have a chance to keep up and have faith in the future.
    (it's sarcasm by the way)

  2. The reason why government loves housing is that every development is powered by newly created money. Each new real estate title can be mortgaged to the hilt, and a new owner has stepped into the treadmill. It is the symbiosis of Chartalism and Banking. Debt slavery for all. Get back to work!

  3. the land developers in Vic. control land prices, not the grubberment, which in turn gives the developers full reign on property prices, which means extra taxes for grubberment 😀

    what would happen to land prices if tomorrow the Vic. grubberment opens up an abundance of developed land?

    house builds in Vic. hadn't risen since recently, but land prices did as grubberment had no control of land prices.

    nice report bro!

  4. bad design – to much timber
    I have spoken to developers and architects are using more insitu and prefab concrete panels

    think architects need to design different now
    my nephews works for a large engineering company they are working on large VISI factories and due to alum batten screen are hard to get now they are looking at steel Chinese alternative

  5. NSW government preparing bailout package for Metricon… Unbelievable. Let these garbage companies collapse. They rolled the risk dice (to the extreme), they lost, and now they need to reap the whirlwind. New companies will rise in their place, Its how capitalism works.

  6. Would you rather pay an extra $10k and get a finished house – or – don't pay the extra to the fixed contract and get a half finished house dumped in your lap with no way to finish it.

  7. Heise, yes what your saying is essentially correct, but to a certain degree it is cheap money, Government Grant's, low interest rates, but it was/is greedy speculators, fomo owners, show-off parents, and dumb-ass sheeple that fueled this property bubble, no-one dragged these people kicking and screaming to go into debt saturation, now it's time to pay of all those toys, tonka trucks ( you know with every off-road accessory known to man, but never go off-road ), c-cards, personal loans, home loans, negative geared investment properties etc, I've got my pop-corn, time to watch the show.

  8. Heise, I just finished 200 homes at the end of last year, move to help-out on another site ( 50 ), I have never seen trades so greedy in my life, as I've seen in the last twelve months, essentially holding us to ransom, I'm about to start another 250 homes in my town of Yamba, and I have a long memory, I've run jobs in twelve O.S countries, seen many situations in the building industry, but nothing like what I've been seeing with greed as now.

  9. New government… the collapse begins. Did you notice, the election was called BEFORE the actual counting process had commenced ! I was part of the counting in past elections, AND we had to wait till late at night to actually get the ballot boxes. This election was called before the counting people even saw the ballots?
    Perhaps we have an US election…

  10. Trouble is that the QBCC in Queenzland will still keep stinging tradies and contractors for their heavy annual fees!!!!!
    And if a tradies don’t pay their license…. they can’t work!!!!!

    Also the QBCC home insurance is a waste of time and is ineffective…… and there will be no trades to complete the uncompleted homes ‘cause the QBCC will have cancelled all the license!!!!

    Catch 22!!!!!
    Regards Ian 👨‍🎤🤔👍😇⚠️😎😂✊🇺🇦✊🇳🇿

  11. I never work beyond an invoice.
    Pay it, and I'll come back.
    (Edit) Material Prices are destroying builders. Contracts are being paid out rather than completed.

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