Playing Into PUTIN’S HANDS? US Provokes Russia With Finland, Sweden NATO Vote: Bri & Katie

Katie Halper and Briahna Joy Gray discuss the vote to support Sweden and Finland’s entry into NATO.

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  1. I disagree that Putin was unjustified. Ukraine and the West have been ignoring the Minsk Accord for years. Ukraine had been murdering its citizens in Donbas (primarily Russian) for 14 years. The US and the West provoked him. I’m not saying war is right, but any sovereign nation would act the same way given the circumstances. Certainly the USA would.

  2. Those points are ok if you are totally against Nato, if you are only against expansion you should also talk about europes security structure. US didnt like it when Macron hinted about replacing Nato.

  3. You have it backwards, ladies. It is NATO membership that will prevent more Russian imperialism. There is a reason Russian troops are not in the Baltic states – former Soviet states – as well Ukraine right now. Georgia will be next.

  4. Assange's arrest on those ridiculous charges told me that Sweden already is just a servant to the US. I mean Stoltenberg is NATO's General Secretary. That tells you a lot as well. Now, as a NATO member, they at least have a pretence of directly deciding on security policies they would blindly follow anyway. Their soldiers will be sent on missions wherever the Americans and the Brits decide to invade next, to protect freedom and democracy of course. 😂

  5. The best thing the U.S. could have done was not start the war in Ukraine in 2014 by fomenting a regime change of the democratically elected President. That would be number 1. The second thing the U.S. could have done was Support the Good Guys (Russia) instead of the bad guys (Ukrainian Not Zs).

  6. What you are doing is spreading the propaganda of the russian dictator. Putin does not recognise Ukraine as a sovereign nation and is invading it by brutal force in order to expand the russian territory, i.e. imperialism in other words. In Germany you would be labeled as Putinversteher. The only question is how much money the russians are putting in your pocket to spread their lies.

  7. imagine being so clueless about the Russian Federation that thinking there was a negotiated way out of the war. The Hill may as well have hired Katie and Briahna to talk about pro boxing.

  8. Ive never trusted Bernie Sanders. He was the "Amendment King" who worked on a bill for Auditing the Fed and then went in at the 11th hour and added a amendment that made the bill utterly useless, complete waste of time and effort… except of course to be able to say that "he cared about auditing the Fed" on a very surface level.

  9. The shelf life of NATO expired a long time ago! The United States promised the Soviet Union that the United States would disband NATO after the Soviet Union dissolved. The United States obviously did not keep their promise!

  10. When is the United States government ever going to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to the will of the people, the will of the majority of the United States people / citizens?? Never!

  11. Not a fan when they have 2 blind progressives as the host. I like having one of them if they are paired with Emily or Robbie but progressives would destroy our country if they always got their way. Like anything the best thing is to have balance of conservatism and progressive values with few reg dem and even anti establishment republicans or trumpers without the blind trump support. I'm antiwar but this view point seems off. It's more about trying to protect these countries from Russia invasion. The counterpoint is that these countries are terrified that Russia may invade them. It's good for the countries but not for the U.S. debatable on weather it's good for the world. If they didn't join nato would their be a potential invasion of Finland or Norway in the next 30 years. Problem is everything is gray and when people are passionate they only see black and white which is how these ladies see this issue.

  12. At 3:10 "Hardly military might!" I think anyone reporting or commenting this issue should realize that Finland has as many trained soldiers as Italy, France, the UK and Germany – combined. With 900 000 soldiers in the reserve out of the population of 5,5 million Finland is very close to the top, if not the most militarized country on this planet. Moreover Finland has the largest artillery in Europe if we exclude Russia and Ukraine that are bigger to start with, but consuming their gear fast now. Sweden on the other hand is the #1 arms exporter per capita in the world. These two countries are hardly world military superpowers due to their relatively small populations, but together they could challenge the rest of Europe.

  13. everything is about provoking Putin. you breathe wrong, you defend yourself, you oppose invasions you oppose dictators, you oppose imperialism…russia is so sensitive.

  14. Katie.. Love 'ya, but please tell us what Putin SHOULD have done other than invade. Commentators always say Putin shouldn't have invaded, but I've yet to hear any other option presented.

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