PM Albanese Confirms Common Side Affect of Covid Jab is getting Covid

In Breaking news Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed the most common adverse reaction to the Covid jab is getting Covid.

National Cabinet was to meet face to face today ending with a dinner at Kirribilli House but not anymore. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has Covid….. again.

Late yesterday afternoon, PM Albanese announced in a Tweet after undergoing a routine high cycle test kit, it returned positive.

He further when on to say in his tweet, he’ll be isolating at home.

Wait what…..

Prime Minister Albanese told the Australian people recently they needed to move towards treating Covid more like the flu.

Why would the PM escalate community fear for Australians by tweeting on contracting his second bout of Covid in 9 months, he is ISOLATING, given on October 14th, he announced the requirement for isolation for covid ended.

Written by Freedom Media WA


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  1. Hospital system is on its knees, Albo hides because of a sneeze. A truck load of taxpayer dollars for a fist full of lies. Only way out is to open your eyes, stand for freedom or everyone…

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