Poland WWIII scare shows why top US general wants peace (w/ Doug Macgregor)

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  1. Damn, I just realized, the U.S. just got out of the longest conflict we have ever engaged in and even with our industrial complex supporting a long term war, they still can not do their one job, which is to supply our troops. Holy cow! Under these circumstances we as a country are not capable of supporting any form of conflict. Wonder how foreign powers are going to intemperate this?

  2. I really hope if America comes back in a honest way and gets real people that cares about humanity and their nation, really stops interfering with other countries and nations and bring back there army troops back home to there families close all 800 bases around the world and I would really suggest you bring mr McGregor and put him in charge of foreign and defense the well being of the people has this man will be a great benefit for the American nation…….before its to late…….

  3. Why Top US Generals want peace??? This is a Good Question because Peace is the business of "Politicians and Socio-Economists" while War is the business of the Army Generals – awkward!!! After seeing and calculating precisely that Russia's War Performance is "10-to-1 Underdog" to that of NATO-US-UN-Ukraine Forces, why are the US Generals wanting peace??? These US Generals are Senior Consultants to the Ukraine War but not the "War Managers of the Ukraine War". These US Generals must observe Functions-Limit of the Consultant/s to avoid Confusion and-or Internal Conflict. If these US Generals are afraid of Nuclear War, why create an Impression that they are Key Movers/Initiators of the Ukraine War – lack of consistency??? This is about learning this simple message; "You say it best when you say at all". GOD bless the NATO-US-UN-Ukraine Forces and the Truth Seekers.

  4. totally fantastic counterpoints by some heavyweights. so refreshing to hear some voices of reason through the noise which is the subservient mainstream corporate media, mouthpieces of the beltway elite.

  5. While I agree with Colonel Macgregor's opinion on General Milley, my concern would be: If I as a military advisor to the president, gives to him my best advice to a situation that could go awry, will I be blamed if he refuses to take my advice?

    Based on how the government is structured, the president often shifts the blame when things go awry; and quite frankly, if I as an advisor was placed in this position, I would be extremely angry. The only way out it seems to me is: If your president ignores your expert advice, you need to seriously consider resigning your position.

  6. This is a great interview that is helping to break through the pervasive propaganda.
    The Truth may actually prevent a catastrophic escalation by insane "leaders".
    Thank you both.

  7. One of the things that I find remarkable about Col. Macgregor is his willingness to admit to what he doesn't know. That is NOT an attribute of a bragger and self-promoter. That is the mark of an honest man, one offering only what he believes/knows to be factually true. I find that quality much more impressive than his P.h.D…

  8. It's not so much that Wash. "doesn't care" about Ukrainian lives. The powers that be have simply decided that, the end they seek justifies whatever the means necessary to the accomplishment of the end they seek. Which is a Uni-Polar world in which the West's "Liberal Hegemony" reins supreme and utterly unchallenged. A world in which 'democracies' are ruled over by an unelected Global Elite (who know best). Most epitomized by the membership of the World Economic Forum. Which is waging a covert war upon the world.
    The two foremost obstacles to the WEF/UN/Global Agenda are Putin and China's C.C.P. Strategically, Russia is the logical first of those two obstacles to address because it is geographically closer to NATO and thus more susceptible to the application of the West's military power and economically and demographically, much smaller than China.

  9. This Colonel is afraid that we won't get his pension. Why in the world when you have the initiative would you say, Oh I pity my enemy. When this started people already had the mindset that whatever happens – dying included they would fight. Just because some people want a graceful exit, Ukraine should comply? Why can't it be that Russia stop all this nonsense? All this talk is just a way of saying, let's pity the agressors they have a change of heart while in parallel, the killing continues. Mr Colonel, people are not afraid to die, people are more afraid to live a life without freedom. What is a life where you are treated like slaves.

    What all this Colonel is saying is I'd rather keep my riches rather than my morals.

  10. So this guy is the second of retirees from the Pentagon that are saying that the US is not in any way prepared for a war with Russia. How the heck can the nation with the largest military budget – larger than ALL the world’s other nations military budgets combined – not be prepared for a war? If that is true, that means that the military industrial simplex is just taking the money and running away. Either that, or this guy is working for the military industrial simplex trying to sell the idea that the military industrial simplex needs even more money. I call it “the military industrial simplex”, because it is simple, just in it for the money…

  11. I've been saying the NWO International Banksters are behind all wars for years. They own and operate all UD, NATO, and UN economics with Puppet Politicos and Deep State Actors. They control MSM, Military Industrial Complexes, Communications, Big Oil, Education, Big Pharma, and Farming. If you think our Oligarchs have power to do anything against this NWO unipolar agenda, think again. They all know their place or they'll be replaced coz they're all addicted to the toilet paper currency issued as debt @ interest by these Central Banksters. In recent years they've begun to lose their iron grip on the agenda resorting to pulling all the stops out by bringing the Global Plandemic deeply indebting all nations subject to their perversions and are currently ratcheting up global conflicts directly with the largest nations outside their sphere of their control because it's an all or nothing game as they see it today since suffering openly rebellious push back from nations under their duress since they were exposed by the Global Financial Crisis and Occupy Wall Street. They used their Big Pharma operatives to bring the Plandemic torpedoing Trump and other world leaders exposing the Banksters globally and are pushing ahead with war today in order to save their agenda from inevitable obsolescence. Of course their Gooberment puppets, and mainstream media are tasked with manufacturing consent of the populace to support military action coz without that it's impossible to mobilize army's large enough to assure victory in the name of democracy, of course. The funny thing is Country's with terrible dictatorship have begged the USA for assistance in becoming a democracy and when their Nation is already under the umbrella of the International Central Banksters the answers always, Sorry Charlie. It should be obvious that the leader of Ukraine today is not a Democratically elected leader of Ukraine's so called democracy as he took power through a coupe while Putin is an actual democratically elected leader. Yet the brainwashed masses in the U.S.A. are pissing away their freedom and prosperity waving Ukraine's flag in the name of Nazis Democracy. I support a U.S.A. Military Coupe in order to return this Country to Democracy with no Private, For Profit Central Bankster Monopoly issuing or currency @ interest enabling Debt Slavery. In case you didn't know, this was the primary cause of the American Revolution and Russia was our Allie because the International Banksters we're out common enemy. Sadly today the U.S.A. has become the useful idiots of the International Central Banksters that control Ukraine via a Central Bank under their umbrella while Russia is one of minority of nations that remain in charge of their destiny refusing to surrender to the International Bankster's Unipolar NWO agenda.

  12. Why oh why oh why…don't we have even the level of antiwar/peace movement we had back in 2003 vs. Their BS about Iraq? Now the threat is greater by an infinite magnitude. Is everyone frozen stiff?

  13. I don't believe the fentanyl comes from China

    It comes from the CIA to full the working class,fund the CIA, and to engender hatred of China

    Just like while we were in Afghanistan,their share of world heroin production went from 10% to 90%

    Go read the wired article from 2007 , " the pentagon's new drugs " where they talk about using fentanyl to control populations

  14. We better hope there is no nuclear war , because the book " Raven Rock " states pretty explicitly the plebs in America will all die as absolutely nothing has been done to help the plebs survive a nuclear war, everything done has been done on a very small scale for so called elites ( geriatric senators and oligarchic billionaires )

    Whereas Russia and China have Tunnels/fall out shelters for roughly their entire population

    There is a very well done VICE documentary associated with the book " Raven Rock " called while the rest of us die

  15. Aaron today made me laugh! If Russia did enough in the UN for the UN to intervene in Donbass and avoid the War?! With all due respect to a very naive American! The UN was also a signatory to the Minsk Accords. As is normal in any peace agreement! There were always observers in Donbass and they never did anything! Like Germany and France. Who did Putin get tired of talking to! Everyone knew what was happening in Donbass! With probably the rest of the world thinking it was a European problem!

    With the EU after legitimizing the 2014 Victoria coup – F*ck EU – with a first Interim President who had already been convicted in the EP for being openly neo-Nazi! EU who started the Russophobic campaign in 2019 when it passed an infamous resolution blaming both Russia and Nazi Germany for WWII!? And that's how EU found out how to honor more than 30 MM dead 75 years after WWII! For in 2021 at UNGA not to approve the resolution against the glorification of Nazism! That only the US and Ukraine failed in a vote that Russia won by 130-2!

    The UN, after Iraq, was transformed into a post-disaster humanitarian agency. Without any global governance role they were founded for! The UN urgently needs to be refounded because the world needs a strong UN that acts as global governance in conflict prevention. FDR's model for the UN was a much more hands-on model! And also need to get out of NY quickly and be less dependent on the US. Headquartered in Africa or ASIA where they are closer to the countries where they are most needed and are most present today!

    And when Russia is forced to activate art. 51 UN to enter Ukraine also says it all about the UN's willingness to resolve the conflict! Which also says a lot about Russia's delusions going to Odessa! What would transform the conflict into a conflict for territory that not even the support of many of Russia's allies today would gather! All the territory that Ukraine has lost to date is only due to Ukraine itself. And only loses Nicoalev and Odessa if he continues to attack the Russian fleet from the Black Sea.

  16. Macgregor's assertion that we should put 40K US troops on the Mexican border "to stop 95 to 98%" of fetanyl coming into the country clashes with the Cato Institutes reporting that "fentanyl is overwhelmingly smuggled by U.S. citizens almost entirely for U.S. citizen consumers" rather than Mexicans crossing the border illegally or otherwise. Also casting doubt on his credibility was his prediction back on February 27th, in an appearance on Fox News that, "the battle in eastern Ukraine is really almost over. All the Ukrainian troops there are being largely surrounded and cut off, you have a concentration down in the southeast of 30 to 40,000 of them, and if they don't surrender within the next 24 hours, I suspect that the Russians will ultimately annihilate them". Not difficult to find all sorts of questionable pronouncements by the Colonel. One thing I do totally believe him about is he really does not like General Mark Milley.

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